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Estudios Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Animation
Escuela de artes TAI
Estudios Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Animation

Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Animation

Lead the creative process of audiovisual animation

The Official Master in Audiovisual Animation Creation is a unique program in Spain that integrates a technological training methodology aimed at the creative and innovative development of new audiovisual and animation languages in an environment of experimentation and research.

Learn to combine technical prowess with the conceptual development of ideas that can affect an audience emotionally, visually, and intellectually, and get ready to join the exponentially growing visual arts industry.

Learn to create animated digital content for cinema, video games, virtual reality environments, apps, editorials, and all kinds of online platforms.

Master Oficial Universitario en Creación de Animación Audiovisual

Get ready to conceptualize, design and lead the creative process of audiovisual animation development.

Master Oficial Universitario en Creación de Animación Audiovisual

Develop the technical, conceptual, and practical dimensions in an animation project of a professional nature.

Master Oficial Universitario en Creación de Animación Audiovisual
Official university title
1 academic year (60 ECTS)
October 2023

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Study plan

The Official Master in Audiovisual Animation Creation offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative and technical processes that professional production requires.

In just one year, you will work on skills in various fields such as cinematographic language, animation script, character design and creation, 2D drawing and animation, stop-motion animation techniques, basics of synthesis image, 3D modeling, 3D character animation, acting, and facial animation, rendering or post-production.


Perfil del alumno

People interested academically and/or professionally in animation for film, advertising, and audiovisual media.

Students with an Official Degree in Fine Arts, Cinematography, Audiovisual Communication, Design, Architecture or other related degrees that show they have the right profile for the objectives and contents of the program.


The selection of applicants will be done by the academic orientation department.

A standardized curriculum and an artistic portfolio must be submitted, in addition to conducting a personal interview with the area’s guidance team.

Salidas profesionales

We live immersed in the culture of the image. The creative industry is at its peak, thanks to the Internet and an incessant demand for professionals who master the still and moving image, digital content, social networks, marketing, web environments, visual programming, and new audiovisual languages (fashion film, still movie, audiovisual knowledge pills, video clips, etc.).

Design and direction of animation projects for cinema
Advertising and audiovisual media
3D art direction
Concept creator
Content creator
Digital composition
Post-production coordination
3D animation artist
Animation supervisor
Storyboard artist
Direction of 3D lighting
3D modeling
Texturing artist
Research and teaching


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