Degree in photography in Madrid

Build the iconography for the new digital culture

This Degree is designed to meet the needs and requirements of the global market of today. A unique programme in web design and advanced photo-editing, video postproduction, marketing campaign tracking, web and social media content management, trendsetting, and more.

Become a versatil image-maker for a booming industry, by mastering digital workflows and the necessary skills and artistry to forge the image of agencies, media companies, businesses or institutions.

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  • Not only will you use photography as a technique and discourse, you will have become a full-fledged creator of trends and modern iconography.
  • You will be versed in all genres of still and moving image: fashion, advertising, urban, still life, artistic, documentary, etc.
  • You will master workflows for web environments, social media and marketing strategies.
  • You will be able to manage and curate photographic archives, exhibitions, art shows, festivals and other arts events.
  • You will have exhibited your own photo project.
  • You will have become a versatile image-maker, ready to head the Image Department of agencies, media companies, businesses or institutions.

PROGRAM: Bachelor in Photography and Audiovisual Creation / CAMPUS: TAI Arts University (Escuela Universitaria de Artes TAI) / URJC AREA: Engineering & Architecture / CREDITS: 240 ECTS (4 full academic years) / MODE: Classroom instruction / LANGUAGE: English / START: September 2021


Our Degree in Photography and Audiovisual Creation goes beyond traditional instruction in photography and gives students the technological competence for professional workflows, helps them master artistic and industrial languages, and covers all current genres and approaches to the still and moving image.

Associated centre

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Admission Requirements

To access official undergraduate studies it is required to possess a certificate of secondary school graduate or an equivalent as well as having passed a test referred to in the article 42 of the Organic Law 6/2001, on Universities, modified by the Law 4/2007, of 12 April, without prejudice of the other access mechanisms provided by current regulations (RD 1640/1999, of 22 October, (BOE of 27 October 1999), modified and completed by the RD 990/2000, of 2 June (BOE of 3 June 2000) and by RD 1025/2002, of 4 October (BOE of 22 October 2002) and developed by the Order of 25 November 1999 (BOE of 30 November 1999).

For this Bachelor in Photography and Audiovisual Creation and in order to know the profile and abilities of the students, an interview is established and a practical part:

  • Interview with attitude questions
  • Delivery of a sample of work / portfolio

The interview will assess creative capacity, quality of the works and artistic vocation of the candidates.

Foreign students will be able to be interviewed through a videoconference.

Language Requirements

Students who choose to study a career in English at TAI University must have a sufficient level of knowledge and command of the English language to be able to function in the classroom, understanding the teachers’ explanations, taking notes, seeking additional information from English language sources and developing written work and exams in a satisfactory manner.

Level B2 will be accredited by one of the following official certificates issued by authorized institutions:

  • Intermediate level B2 issued by Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.
  • Cambridge FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH or higher.
  • Minimum score of 5,5 in IELTS.
  • TOEIC: Listening and Reading minimum 785, Speaking and Writing minimum 160.
  • TOEFL: 72 minimum points.
  • TRINITY: ISE II or higher.

+2000 hours
of artistic practice


TAI Facilities & Resources

TAI Facilities & Resources Photography

Student Work & Interdisciplinary Projects

From the beginning of your degree, you will develop personal projects and collaborate with students in other arts. This will grow your portfolio and build teammates and network relationships for your professional future.

Grafo fotografía TAI | Beatriz Arenas Alumna TAI


Beatriz Arenas
TAI Student

«At TAI I have built up confidence in my skills and now I feel ready for a professional career»

Paloma Garvía
4th year student

«In TAI I have build up confidence in my skills and now I feel ready to face a professional career»

Paloma Garvía
Student of 4º Year


TAI has agreements with universities and art institutions in more than 50 countries around the world, offering our students opportunities for unique academic, cultural and life experiences.

These experiences can increase your job prospects and personal growth. Developing an international perspective is a key goal of TAI’s educational model, where we promote a universal approach to arts education.

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Careers for a Booming Industry

We live in the culture of image, a global creative industry that demands professionals that not only master photography but also video, social media, marketing web environments or new media (fashion films, still movies, music videos, etc.).


Our Degree + Expert certification will give you the competence to work in the artistic, fashion, entertainment or advertising industries as well as in mass media or corporate communication departments.

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4 Years

Photography and Audiovisual Creation

*Only offered in Spanish