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Visiting TAI
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Come get to know the biggest campus of the arts located in the center of Madrid.

TAI offers you a wide variety of options for gaining an in-depth understanding of the school and the different training programs it offers. Even if you are located outside of Madrid or Spain, you can simply choose the option that best suits your needs. We look forward to meeting you!

Open Days


Experience our spaces, visit our art installations, and spend a day with the TAI community during the Open House Days. You will have the opportunity to learn all about our academic degrees and talk with counselors, teaching staff, and students who will help you learn first-hand about the experience of studying at TAI.

During this visit, the academic orientation team and the heads of the degrees will be at your disposal to answer all your questions about the different programs offered by the school. In addition, you will be able to carry out your admissions interview, the preliminary step that every applicant must go through regardless of the degree they wish to pursue. After the interview, you will receive an assessment of your personal skills from a professional in the artistic area that interests you.

Visualize your professional future.

Come audit a class


We invite you to come audit a class and discover how the center operates, see the work of our teachers and professionals in the artistic and audiovisual industry, as well as the development of our hands-on and collaborative classes. A true immersion experience in the arts and in our methodology, based on the real practice of the different professions through the development of projects.

become a TAI student for a day!

Class Audit Program Regulations

(+34) 914 472 055

Home visits


Making decisions about your vocation and professional future is a turning point in the life of every person. For this reason, we offer you individualized advice in your place of residence to accompany you from the first and most important step: choosing what you want to study.

Our team of academic visitors offers you the possibility of traveling to the place where you reside to deliver personalized answers to all your questions. You will have the opportunity to receive vocational counseling and to learn in-depth about the program that interests you, the career opportunities, the internship agreements, the projects, and possibilities offered by the center and the city in which you are going to study. You will be able to answer all the questions you may have without leaving your place of residence.

Do you want us to visit you?

Schedule a personalized appointment


At TAI, we want to meet and guide you before you embark on your educational experience. If you are evaluating options for your university future or want to take a leap in your professional career, you can have a team of professionals at your disposal to inform and advise you.

Schedule an appointment with our Admission Coordinators, in charge of providing each applicant with the necessary information about all the degrees that can be studied at TAI and about thetails of the center itself: facilities, methodologies, career opportunities, admission/enrollment, scholarships, and financing.

We help you with your future

Attend an event


Creation is alive at TAI. Our center functions as an artistic and cultural meeting point in Madrid with a full schedule of activities, many of them open to the public. At these events, you can learn practical skills that will help you develop your career, get helpful advice, and meet creative students and professionals.

theatrical shows, masterclasses, screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and much more. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy numerous inspiring experiences involving artistic dialogues, exchanges, and expressions.

Schedule your appointment!

TAI Ride


The TAI RIDE days are informative sessions organized in provinces throughout Spain to help all young people interested in the arts to visualize their professional future by publicizing our official bachelor's degrees, 2/3-year undergraduate programs, and master's degrees.

In these sessions, in addition to delving into our educational programs, you will be able to learn about other issues related to arts education such as the wide range of opportunities for employability in the art industry, the various career opportunities or the scholarships, and financing options that we offer.

Our Academic Orientation team will accompany you each day so that you can learn first-hand about the personal and professional experience that comes with studying at TAI.

We travel to meet you

Frequently asked questions

1. Why choose an undergraduate degree?

The official bachelor's degree is an in-depth 4-year training program at a technical, creative, and intellectual level that allows you to become a professional in artistic studies and obtain an official university degree. The degree, officially recognized throughout the European Union, gives you access to international mobility programs and allows you to expand your postgraduate studies in any EU country.

2. What is the 4+1 training cycle?

With the 4+1 training cycle (bachelor + master), you will gettain an official university degree in 4 years that you can complete with 1 year of an additional or complementary specialization. With the bachelor's degree, you will obtaintain comprehensive training that allows you to focus your professional future on a specific sector. This first specialization is complemented by the master's degree, on more of an expert level and with an even more practical vision.

3. Can the classrooms be reserved?

The classrooms are available to students, as long as there is no previous reservation or a class taking place, which would prevent you from being able to reserve them so as not to interfere with the normal course of classes.

4. What are the schedules of each degree?

The schedules depend on each degree and the order in which you enroll. You can ask your assigned admission coordinator for more information.

5. Is analog photography covered in the Photography Bachelor's Degree?

Yes, the school has a fully equipped analog photography studio and a digital Fab Lab.

6. What is pre-enrollment?

Pre-enrollment is one of the most important steps when you decide what you want to study and where you want to do it. For each autonomous community in Spain in which you are considering studying, you must submit a single application for admission or pre-enrollment in which you indicate, in order of preference, the degrees you want to study and the public or private universities where you want everything is For example, if you know for sure that you are not going to leave your autonomous community, but are hesitating between two universities, you only have to submit one application, where you reflect your preference based on what you put first.

7. Is there an option to do any type of student exchange?

The international vision is a key component in our educational model. TAI is in contact with educational institutions in various countries, offering mobility programs, agreements, and projects with universities, and artistic centers around the world, as well as academic experiences, MEETINGS, WORKSHOPS, AND MASTERCLASSES WITH INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS.

We promote not only the mobility of our students, but also exchanges with foreign students. Collaboration agreements with international universities and art schools are aimed both at students who want to complete their studies outside of Spain, and at those who wish to come to TAI as part of an Erasmus+ or TAI Global student exchange program. Our goal is to promote and facilitate cooperation between artists and universities around the world.

we maintain student exchange agreements with fifty universities specialized in teaching artistic disciplines. These agreements are linked to the Erasmus+ and TAI Global mobility programs, offering a wide variety of destinations. Our main motivation is to provide students with direct and ongoing contact with the national and international art industry.

8. What are the internships with companies?

It is a unit or program at our school that links the educational field with the professional field, fostering the relationship between students and the company.

They are compulsory and part of the curriculum of the undergraduate degrees, in addition to being a TAI program or service that students can use voluntarily to guarantee their professional practice. In addition to the 500 existing agreements between TAI and external companies in the industry, there is also the possibility to do an internship with the 300 teachers who are also professionals in the sector.

9. Do you need prior knowledge to access the Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition?

In the test to access the Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition, you only need to be able to recognize the different pitches of a simple melody and know how to read and write in the key of G or F, although the tests are not selective. Students with different levels of musical knowledge are accepted and you do not need to master an instrument. It is fundamentally important that you are passionate about music and have the basic skills for compositional creativity.

10. What are the admission tests?

The admission test consists of an admission interview with an academic advisor specialized in the discipline you wish to study. In this admission interview, each applicant will receive guidance on the degree that best suits their profile, and their knowledge, interest, and previous work in the field will be assessed. In addition, the work provided by the candidate will be examined for evaluation, depending on the specific requirements of the degree. If you would like more information, you can ask your assigned admission coordinator.

11.Does TAI have a career portal?

TAI has its own network of contacts in the sectors of each artistic area, institutional agreements, and more than 400 internship agreements with companies. Its teachers are also prestigious professionals who bring offers from the industry to the classroom.

Open Your Mind Productions is a professional platform linked to TAI that develops and promotes quality projects with former students in direct collaboration with the best professionals in the sector, many of them teachers at the center itself.

The numbers speak for themselves: 85% of graduates are working, 60% of which are doing so in positions related to their studies.

12. Can I gain admission with a foreign high school diploma?

In order to access an official undergraduate degree with a foreign high school diploma, your current degree must be validated for the Spanish educational system.

13. When are the masterclasses?

They take place throughout the entire school year, from September to June.

The dates, times, and programs of the masterClasses are announced through our social media and on the calendar, where there are registration forms to reserve your place.

14. Do I need my own equipment?

The different cameras, instruments, workshops, sets, classrooms, and the rest of the spaces and computers with advanced software are available to students (always with prior reservation) to be used in the different projects that will be carried out during the course.

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