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About Us Personalized informative advice

Personalized informative advice

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Come to our information offices in Madrid, Mexico City and Bogotá.

We want to get to know you and guide you in a personalized way before you start your training experience. If you are considering options for your university future, taking a leap in your career or expanding your training, you have a team of professionals at your disposal to inform you and advise you in person.

  • You will obtain information about all the degrees that you can study in TAI, as well as the details of our methodology, the admission and enrollment process and information about our scholarships and financing options.
  • We will advise you on the broad employability opportunities in the audiovisual and artistic industry and the various professional opportunities for each degree.
  • We will accompany you in your next steps!

Information and Admissions Offices

Boost your artistic career and live a unique experience in Madrid

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A tour of our campus.

Schedule an in-person appointment to discover a unique multidisciplinary university environment and obtain all the necessary information about the degrees you can study and the details of the center itself: facilities, methodologies, career opportunities, admission/enrolment, scholarships and financing.

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Living and studying in Madrid

The experience of studying in Madrid

Living an international experience in Madrid means immersing yourself in a city that is a global cultural landmark, offering an excellent range of cultural and leisure activities. As a city of students, Madrid has become the largest European hub for audiovisual media, creating numerous professional opportunities for those interested in this field.

Advisory plans

We offer personalized plans to ease your arrival to TAI and Spain.

We assist with visa procedures, homologation of studies, accommodation, bank account setup, health insurance, and more to ensure an extraordinary experience from the very first day of classes.

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An artist residence just minutes away.

You can stay at The House Of Artists: a meeting point for young artists and creators from different parts of the world.

TAI Life This is our way of living art

More than 50 years of academic excellence

We believe in art as
a transcendental
and transformative element

14.000m2 in the heart of Madrid

+ 1.000.000 in scholarships and study aid

30.000alumni in the industry

+2.000practice hours
artistic tutored

Method TAI Creative

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