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Teachers patricia moon
patricia moon

Patricia de Luna

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts


Film director. Screenwriter. Producer


Dramatic Art at the León School of Dramatic Art
Training in the Bululú Actors and Directors Studio and in different dramaturgy and direction workshops
Advanced script course at the Madrid Script Factory
Course "Woman and Cinema" by Laura Mulvey at the Complutense University of Madrid
Documentary film studies at EIMA Madrid and with Patricio Guzmán and Juan Vicente Córdoba

Career path

Director, screenwriter, producer and founding partner of the movie shack.

He has directed documentaries like Havana in an almendrón o Copán Cup, selected at national and international festivals and available on Amazon Prime Spain and on the Mujeres de Cine platform.

Co-founder of the theater company and company "Damas de la historia" (specialized in the adaptation and staging of female characters from history and the Spanish Golden Age), scriptwriter and director of dramatized routes through different parts of Spain.

She has been programming coordinator of the first edition of Coofilm, production manager at the V Edition of the Madrid Women's Film Festival and assistant director on the documentary Being an actress The awakening of a passion.

He has co-written the children's plays duel of authors y In search of the magic box. He has written the scripts for short films such as sexlaves. Director and screenwriter of the short films Havana you kill meIt's progress, stupid and scriptwriter of feature films The Moon Stones y The Macorina.

Subjects and workshops

Creation and Development of Projects

Research lines

Culture in rural environments and accessibility. Magical realism in cinema.

Awards, mentions and recognitions

"Havana you kill me":
Selected in the Iberseries Platinum Showrunners Workshop
Global Short Films Los Angeles Excellence Award
Best Director Award at the Reyes Abades International Festival

"It's progress, stupid":
Special mention for social values ​​at the Riarau Film Festival
Award for best direction at the Miguelturra Festival

"The Moonstones":
Selected for script development grants from the Community of Madrid and by the SGAE Foundation, for the BAM in Bogotá, as well as by the Colombian Script Laboratory, Labcolombia

Other merits

Member of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in the directing category.

Finalist for the Entrepreneurs Award from the Madrid City Council as a founding member of La Barraca de Cine and finalist for the Factoría de Empresas as a cultural project that is committed to rurality.

Presenter and moderator in film colloquiums: PNR Madrid Film Festival; Cycles "Cima en Corto" at the Cineteca de Madrid; Cycle "Looks towards Cuba" in the Sala Berlanga; Cycle "Scriptwriters, directors and producers of Coofilm" at ImpactHub Madrid.

Jury at film festivals: Ecozine Festival in Zaragoza, Women Behind the Camera Festival, Badajoz Iberian Film Festival, Medina del Campo Film Festival and Festival of the University of La Laguna.

Artistic director and scriptwriter of the Awards Ceremony of the I Navalmoral de la Mata Confinement Film Festival and the IX CortoCortismo de Migueltura Festival.

Member of the Extremadura Short Film Aid Assessment Commission for 3 years.

Member of the Evaluation Commission of the I CIMA Short Film Contest for Equality.

International Director invited to the presentations on Ibero-American cinema and politics by the University of Aracaju, Brazil.

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