Teachers Mikel del Valle

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Teachers Mikel del Valle
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Mikel Del Valle

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Master in Cultural Management of Music, Theater, and Dance from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)
Graduate in Higher Artistic Education from the María de Ávila Higher Conservatory of Dance in Madrid
Graduated from the Antonio Ruiz Soler Professional Conservatory of Dance in Seville
Contemporary dance at the Andalusian Dance Center
Classical ballet with Ion Beitia and Carmen Roche

Career path

Founder of MDV Danza in 2016, he has toured different dance centers in the country for 20 years as a dancer and later as a choreographer.

As a performer, he has worked with choreographers such as Ramón Oller, Johan Inger, Rubén Olmo, Matxalen Bilbao, Isabel Vázquez or Jon Ugarriza among others.

Manages dance galas such as the Alazne memorial. She has co-produced all of her works with the Arriaga theater and, recently, has choreographed two series for Netflix (SKYRed y Money Heist: Berlin).

Subjects and workshops

Dance and Choreography II

Awards, mentions and recognitions

Finalist in the Madrid Flamenco Choreographic Contest
Award for best dancer at the Alcobendas Choreographic Contest
Award for best choreography at the Andalusian Choreographic Contest

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