Teachers Manuel San Frutos

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Teachers Manuel San Frutos
Manuel San Frutos | Teachers

Manuel San Frutos

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts


Photography. Specialized media


PhD student in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)
Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Career path

Specialized journalist, consultant and beta tester in the development phases of professional equipment for the main brands in the photographic sector.

Tightrope walker between aesthetics and photographic practice, which he has taught and published regularly for more than 18 years for different audiences and media.

As a teacher, he has produced various professional monographs for the public and private sectors in schools, institutes and universities related to the audiovisual field.

He is currently editor-in-chief of Albedo, an information medium on audiovisual culture, specializing in photography, and director of the Aula Transversal project, a teaching research program on audiovisual culture based on artistic practice.

Subjects and workshops

Photographic Curation and Art Narratives

Research lines

Synergies and interference between technology and photographic/audiovisual narrative. Evolution and transformation of specialized news media. Transversal training on audiovisual culture.

Awards, mentions and recognitions

Individual exhibition – PHOTOESPAÑA 2014 “NYC-TYO”, COAM
Collective exhibition – WHITE NIGHT “The world upside down”, French Institute of Madrid
Collective exhibition – Estampa Gallery “Domestic horrors and pleasures”
Collective exhibition – INTERMEDIAE, Matadero “Show of creative processes, Art and Philosophy”
Collective exhibition – Contemporary School of Humanities, “Alicia disseminated II”
First prize in the ARTEJOVEN Latina Contest, Madrid City Council

Other merits

Member of the board of directors and head of the Communications Commission of the National Association for the Teaching of Photography (ANEF)

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