Teachers Inés Piñole

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Teachers Inés Piñole
Inés Piñole

Inés Piñole

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts


Coaching of actors/actresses


School Cristina Rota
Training for professional actors with Fernando Piernas
Workshop at Stella Adler (Los Angeles)
Playwriting courses with Rafael Spregelburd, Jose Sanchís Sinisterra, Enzo Corman, Pablo Remón, etc.
Dance with Pedro Berdäyes, Cesc Gelabert, Hisako Horikawa, Oguri, Katie Duck, Michael Schumacher, etc.
Clown courses with Eric De Bont, Gabriel Chamé and Álex Navarro
Lecoq technique with Mar Navarro

Career path

Actress and coach of actors/actresses in film and TV. She has worked with Fernando Tejero and Salvador Serrano (Wills), Ingrid García Johnson (We will not kill each other with guns), Monkey Martínez (The gypsy bride y the crystal girls), Eloy Azorin (The age of anger), Godeliv Van den Brandt (last in line) or Marta Belmonte (Midas' Favorites).

In addition to developing writing projects for film and theater, she is the director of plays such as Manlet y If in the tree, a burqa (Maria Velasco), Le Brun method for happiness (John Mayorga), the antechamber (Daisy Sanchez), The human voice (Jean Cocteau), silent monologue (Franz Xaver Kroetz) Blonde y Nina (Own work in collaboration with Pedro Berdäyes).

assistant and teacher at The galpon by Fernando Piernas.

Subjects and workshops

Screen Acting Techniques

Awards, mentions and recognitions

Dinamo 6 residency finalist Iberescena and Interdram call for emerging authors
Scholarship for "Best Outstanding Dancer" at the Maspalomas Dance Festival

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