Teachers Diego Sabanés

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Teachers Diego Sabanés

Diego Sabanés

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking


Script and direction


Image and sound designer from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)
International courses with Michel Chion, José Sánchis Sinisterra, Jenaro Talens, Santos Zunzunegui and others

Career path

Screenwriter, director and producer.

He is the author of several short films and the award-winning feature film at various festivals, White lies (co-produced between Spain and Argentina, with the support of the Rotterdam Festival).

He has taught at EICTV (Cuba), the City of Light (Alicante), the Menéndez Pelayo University (Santander), the UBA (Argentina) and other international schools.

Recently, he has published two books as a result of an investigation carried out together with María Bardem and Jorge Castillejo, with the support of the Film Academy, on the occasion of the centenary of Juan Antonio Bardem: Handwriting (Eight and a half) and out loud (Seminci).

His research on filmmakers from the 60s also includes collaborative works on Manuel Antín and Beatriz Guido. Likewise, he develops workshops on narrative structures together with the editor Alberto Ponce.

Subjects and workshops

Script Aesthetics

Filmed Dialogues Lab

Research lines

Filmmakers of the 60s. Narrative structures.

Awards, mentions and recognitions

5 nominations for the Silver Condor Awards and 3 nominations for the Sur Awards for "White Lies"
Award for the Development of Co-Productions between Italy and Argentina awarded by INCAA and Cinecittà-Luce for the script of "White Lies"
Best Actor Award from the Union of Actors and Telemadrid and 5 awards at the Libélula Dorada Festival (Dominican Republic) for "Los invitados siempre vuelven"
Selection of "The guests always come back" and "El chico del tren" for international distribution with the Madrid Short Film Award
Selected in the Residency Program of the Spanish Film Academy for the development of the fiction series "Mediadores", created together with Vicenta Ndongo

Other merits

His projects have received support from institutions such as Hubert Bals (Rotterdam), Talent Campus (Berlin), Cinecittà-Luce (Italy) and Casa de América (Spain).

multidisciplinary project memory plantation, made together with artists and residents of Vicálvaro, selected by an international jury in the Imagina Madrid contest.

Direction of plays lack of appetite y the extravagance by Rafael Spregelbud and revival at the María Guerrero Theater of the latest work by Ana Diosdado, The heaven you have promised me.

Version of The kiss of spider women, by Manuel Puig, directed by Carlota Ferrer.

Jury of the Cinema Jove Festival (Valencia) and the Pro-Images Fund (Colombia).

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