Teachers Daniel Rincón García

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Teachers Daniel Rincón García
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Daniel Rincón García

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking


sound in cinema


Diploma in Sound from the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid (ECAM)
Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Career path

He began his professional career at the renowned La Bocina studio, afterpeñaperforming helper roles, working on movies like La night of 12 years and series like Giants.

In 2019 he became part of the Telson 360 sound team, occupying the position of sound editor in various productions, including films such as El olvido que seremos, Up to the sky o The year of fury and series like nasdrovia.

Likewise, he has been a dialogue editor and mixer in series such as Come on Juan, The Head o nasdrovia.

In direct sound he has worked on series such as Ana Tramel or TV shows like Got Talent o The Dancer.

At the same time, he has maintained a career as a freelance dedicating himself to all areas of sound, from direct sound to mixing in various formats: cinema, TV, advertising, audiobooks and podcasts.

Currently, he is launching his own studio and brand the pertigosaurus, together with his partner, Martín Jimenez.

Subjects and workshops

sound production I
sound production II
Direct Sound

Awards, mentions and recognitions

Best Sound Award at the Medina Film Festival for "Mujer sin hijo" (shared with Anqi He and Martín Jimenez Sanchez)

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