Teachers Andrés Torres

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Teachers Andrés Torres
Andrés Torres | Teachers

Andrés Torres

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts


cinematography direction


Master Cine Alta Sony at HEM Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management (Casablanca)
Digital Postproduction Course Fotofilm-AEC Laboratories
Sony-AEC High Definition Seminar
Video Camera, Sound, Telecine and Editing courses on TVE
3D Technique and Lighting Course with John A. Rupkalvis and Christopher J. Condon
Photography Course at CICE

Career path

He has shot halfway around the world for more than 50 years, working as a cameraman under the orders of prestigious directors such as Luis García Berlanga, Peter Ewards, Tony Anthony, Carlos Saura, Gerard Corbiau, Antonio Cuadri, Antonio Mercero, Pierre Thebenet, Sergio Corbucci, Francisco Rodríguez and Carlos Gil, among others.

He has collaborated with filmmakers such as Juanjo Díaz, Miguel Pérez-Urría, Jorge Gracia, Alan Spencer, Armando de la Torre, José Carrasco, Alejandro Toledo, Mohamed Rezqe, Hakim Belabbes, Riad Thabet and Mohamed Mastour.

It has more than 120 feature films, 1250 spots, 11 television series, 53 documentaries, 30 short films and 55 video clips.

As a specialist in digital cinema, he has worked for the first Internet series in Spain, Space Gang, as well as for the first series in high definition, Freedom is tired.

Subjects and workshops

DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY (Title in extinction)
Film and TV photography

Technology and Mechanics: the Camera

Creative Processes and Workflows

Fundamentals of Photography
film practices

Research lines

Optics applied to cinematographic and advertising language. Relationship of light and painting with current cinematography. Experimental digital cinematography.

Awards, mentions and recognitions

Goya Award for Best Long Documentary for "First Chord"
Prisma AEC Award for "Yak 42"
Pavos Reales Award for best photography for "Basque Government"
Alcalá de Henares Festival Award for Best Photography for "Mermaids"
Salamanca Festival Award for Best Photography for "Pásala"
FIAP de Oro, León de Oro and Concha de Plata for "Ill-treatment of children"
FITUR Gold for "Alimentos de La Rioja"
Photography and Modeling Award Ministry of the Army
Photography Award Ministry of the Army

Other merits

President of the Association of Directors and Directors of Spanish Cinematographic Photography (AEC)
Member of the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences
Member of the national and international jury of film festivals such as Imago Film Festival, Salón Internacional de la Luz or Almería Western Film Festival
UNICEF Ambassador in Morocco (appointed by Hassan II Casa Real Alaouite)

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