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Teachers Paul Ramos
Pablo Ramos | Teachers

Pablo Ramos

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking


Stage production management and audiovisual events


Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)
Studies of Interpretation in Essay 100

Career path

After going through the departments of photography and production in fiction, video clips and audiovisual advertising, he consolidated his career in the performing arts working in lighting, direction and production in various works.

He has collaborated with directors such as Jorge Eines, Tamzin Townsend, Gustavo Tambascio, Pascal Rambert, Miguel del Arco, Jose Padilla, Alex Rigola, Pablo Remón and Pablo Messiez, among others.

For three years he was the tour manager of María Pagés Compañía on its international tour.

He is currently the production director and manager of El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze.

Subjects and workshops

Stage Production
Technical production of events and shows

Research lines

Current theater of new or contemporary directors and authors. Scenic expressions that combine all kinds of languages ​​in text or dance theater.

Awards, mentions and recognitions

National Theater Award, El Pavón Kamikaze Theater
Nomination for the Max Awards for the production of "All the Time in the World" by Pablo Messiez
MAX 2020 Award for the production of "Jauría", directed by Miguel del Arco

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