Studies Master's Degree in Screen Acting

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Studies Master's Degree in Screen Acting

Master's Degree in Screen Acting

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official qualification
Master's Degree in Screen Acting
(Official Master's Degree from the Rey Juan Carlos University)
1 academic year
(60 ECTS)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Become a performer for the new audiovisual market

The only one master official with which you will be able to specialize in the television and cinematographic context while obtainone the necessary qualification to access doctoral studies.

Train yourself in a multi-artistic school where you can work alongside directors, producers, scriptwriters, composers or cinematographers from a contemporary and multidisciplinary perspective. A guarantee of employability from the permanent connection with the present of the industry.

A program in which the two facets of actors and actresses coexist: their professional character and their artistic inclination, together with their research capacity and the universe of coaching and acting direction.

six reasons
to study in TAI


Face the complete process of a shoot

Acquire the tools and experience you need to be able to handle the complete filming process.

Perfect your portfolio

Participate in specialized internships and workshops with film directors and work in complementary seminars on casting and promotion, digital editing of videobooks, professional development and social media.


Receive personalized acting coaching

Improve your acting skills exploring self-image through coaching tools.

Get professional promotion tools

Develop a personal style and access tools for your artistic career: preparation for casting, photobook, videobook, search for an artistic agent and selection of opportunities.


Access doctoral studies

Train yourself for professional research through full immersion in the specific context of audiovisual interpretation that opens the doors to doctoral studies.


Train yourself under the eyes of the great geniuses of the industry

Discover all the keys to connect your creations with the industry. encounters, masterexclusive classes and workshops with artists and professionals of international prestige: Antonio Banderas, Audra McDonald, Luis Tosar, Esther Acebo and many more.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan

The official Master's Degree in Screen Acting is structured around three major subjects: the perfecting of performance tools, specialization in screen acting and theoretical-practical research.

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Student profile

People interested in acting academically and/or professionally in the television and cinematographic context, either in a direct, research-oriented, or educational way (coach).

People with Official Undergraduate Degrees or other official certifications whose study plan includes the subjects of Humanities, Arts, Communication, Social Sciences and Fine Arts, and people with other degrees that facilitate their access to official postgraduate courses.

People with a 2, 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree in Visual Arts, Acting, Performing & Media Arts and/or with an Advanced Degree in Dramatic Art, Music and Dance by recognized schools.

Career Opportunities


Actor/actress for film, TV and advertising. TV or radio host. Doubler.

Teaching and other career paths

Head of communication in companies. Advertising model. Casting director for film and TV. Acting coach. Teacher and/or academic researcher. Sociocultural animator for leisure complexes, television and for public and private institutional social and cultural offers.


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Academic Outlook

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