Escuela de artes TAI
Studies Master’s Degree in Documentary & Art Photography (New call 22/23)
Escuela de artes TAI
Studies Master’s Degree in Documentary & Art Photography (New call 22/23)

Master’s Degree in Documentary & Art Photography (New call 22/23)

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Create images for a new market

The first official master’s degree aimed at specializing in artistic and documentary photography, a pioneering program in Spain designed for academic and professional development in the field of visual arts.

Become an artist capable of connecting your creations with the present and future artistic and publishing market.

Official university title
1 academic year (60 ECTS)
TAI University School of Arts Madrid
October 2022

Become a versatile professional capable of carrying out photographic work for the artistic, publishing, or entertainment markets.

Fotografía Artística y Documental

Master the power of the still image and learn to tell stories through still and moving images.

Complete your portfolio with projects with a professional finish in photobook, video, PDF, and web formats.

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Study plan

In just one year, you will learn to tell stories through still and moving images.

Combine learning the technique and the theoretical-esthetic analysis of the medium with the creative practice of photography, video, documentary, and video art.


Student profile

People interested in visual creation, artistic or documentary photography and contemporary art, who wish to further explore the possibilities of photography and base their professional development on the practice of independent artistic activity.

People with an undergraduate degree in photography and other related teachings, such as Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication, Design or Architecture, among others, who show that they have the right profile for the objectives and scope of the program.

Professional outings

We live inmersed in the culture of the image. The creative industry is at its peak, thanks to the Internet and an incessant demand for professionals who master the still and moving image, digital content, social networks, marketing, web environments, visual programming, and new audiovisual languages (fashion film, still movie, audiovisual knowledge pills, video clips, etc.).

Photography and video

Fine art photography, documentary photography and video, photojournalism, multidisciplinary art.


Reproduction of works of art, digital technician, specialist in image processing, artistic direction, curator of exhibitions, artistic programming, artist agency, galleries, art critic.


Teaching and/or academic research.


Instalaciones | Salas de ensayo y danza
Dance and rehearsal rooms
Instalaciones | Salas de ensayo y grabación musical
Rehearsal and musical recording rooms
Instalaciones | Aulas multimedia
Multimedia classrooms
Instalaciones | FAB_Lab
Instalaciones | Laboratorio analógico
Analog laboratory

Academic projection

Master's Degree in Audiovisual Animation (New Call 22/23)
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts

Internships at companies

TAI offers extracurricular internships always accompanied by tutorials and with prior preparation that gives students the opportunity to work in world-class companies.


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