Studies Master in Music Production

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Studies Master in Music Production

Master en
Musical production

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TAI-certified Master
Master in Music Production
1 academic year
(60 ECTS)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Become a music producer with the great references in the industry: Sony and Mercader Lab

Training in collaboration with Sony, the leading international publisher and the production company MercaderLab to boost your talent and employability in the industry.

Imagine being able to record your own song in a professional studio with the best producers in the industry and signing a publishing contract with Sony. Demonstrate your talent and effort during the course in TAI and you can achieve it with one of the two training scholarships that we offer to the two best final projects.

In this Master You will specialize in composition, post-production and sound design, working with the latest software and tools that will make you stand out and position yourself in the market.

Six reasons
to study in TAI


Discover new creative possibilities

Know the different types of synthesis and develop the creative use of technological tools.


Access a wide range of professional internships

Link the training field with the professional field by requesting advice to carry out internships with one of the 800 companies with which TAI maintains collaboration agreements.


Perfect your portfolio

Develop your personal brand in a portfolio and enhance the visibility of the best projects carried out throughout the year. master.


Acquire music marketing strategies

Learn everything related to publishers and record companies, contracts and licences, the music market and networks.


Create a network in a multidisciplinary creative environment

Participate in transversal projects generating unique experiences and professional teams for the future.


Train yourself under the eyes of the great geniuses of the industry

Learn alongside active professionals of international prestige and discover all the keys to connecting your creations with the industry. encounters, masterclasses and workshops with artists of the stature of Gustavo Santaolalla, Martha Walvoord, Lucas Vidal and many more.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan


AVID Protools Certification (101/110)
Art Direction
Sound Design
Advanced Editing in DAWs
Current Genres and Styles


Professional Studio Recording
Creative Mix and Mastering
Production Equipment
Creative co-writing
Music Marketing
Industry, Business and Career Development
Project Development Tutorials


To choose between:

Production, recording and artistic development of 2 songs of different musical genre or

Production, recording and artistic development of 2 songs from a personal and free proposal

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Student profile

Students interested in Sound Engineering, with a Bachelor's Degree in Instrumental Performance, Music Composition or other related qualifications, from national or international institutions.

Students from the Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition from TAI.

Students with the Diploma in Music Creation and Production from TAI.

Sound technicians, musicians, self-taught singer-songwriters or composers, A&R, etc.


  • Intermediate level notions of musical language and harmony.
  • Medium level handling of a sequencer as Logic, Ableton Live o Pro Tools.
  • Basic knowledge about equalizers, compressors y acoustics.
  • Play an instrument.

Lack of knowledge of any of the following skills is not exclusive for access to this master. To access the pedagogical orientation interview, students must present a link to previous work carried out.


Teachers Placeholder 2
José María Rosillo
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Manuel Colmenero | Teachers
Manuel Colmenero
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Sergio Salvi | Teachers
Sergio Salvi
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Javier Catala | Teachers
Javier Catalá
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Emilio Mercader | Teachers
Emilio Mercader
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Miguel Rodríguez Astudillo | Teachers
Miguel Rodríguez Astudillo
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
David Carratalá | Teachers
David Carratalá
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Pablo Fernandez-Cid | Teachers
Pablo Fernández-Cid
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Andrés Cabanes | Teachers
Andrés Cabanes
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Teachers Placeholder 4
Nicolás Castro
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Daniel Batán | Teachers
Daniel Batán
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound

Career Opportunities

Music Production

Music producer of songs. Tour and event producer. Audio editor. A&R (artists & repertoire). Top liner. Beatmaker. Composer and/or arranger of own songs or for third parties.


Record director. Project manager in record and music companies.


Creator of performances with sound. Sound designer for media.


Facilities | Rehearsal and music recording rooms
Rehearsal and music recording rooms
Facilities | multimedia classrooms
multimedia classrooms
Facilities | Audience


Playlist of 7 songs produced by students of the Master of Music Production. All of them have been evaluated by a first level panel made up of producers, musicians and different professionals from the music industry.

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Master in Music Production. Control the most current technological tools in composition, postproduction and sound design.

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