Studies Master in Music Business

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Studies Master in Music Business

Master in Music Business

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Own title * In accordance with the provisions of article 4.4 of Decree 84/2004, of May 13, which regulates the right to information and the protection of the economic rights of students who take non-regulated education, it is reported that this qualification does not lead to obtaining an official degree.
Master in Music Business
1 academic year
(60 ECTS)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Learn to promote musical artistic projects

A specialization for future professionals who want to acquire a global vision of the music business and face the new challenges of the industry.

You will specialize with top-level professionals through practical exercises and visits to recording studios and production offices. In addition, you will have participated in the development of a real artistic project.

You will learn how to boost a musical career by working on the promotion of an artist with a real budget, including the release of a single and live performance, production, publishing record, record launch and marketing strategies.

Six reasons
to study in TAI

Delve into the complete itinerary of a piece of music

Begin your educational path from the act of creating a piece of music to its culmination in making it available to the public, whether in recorded or live format, in addition to learning about the processes of distribution, modification and exploitation.


Access a wide range of professional internships

Link the training field with the professional field by requesting advice to carry out internships with one of the 800 companies with which TAI maintains collaboration agreements.


Learn about the different roles that manage the music industry

Along the master You will learn about the particularities of different actors in the music sector: record labels, publishing, marketing, distribution, managers and promoters, rights management, formats and consumption channels, etc.

Learn experientially with active professionals

The masters TAI They are based on a modular structure that articulates a training journey through the realization of projects supervised by active professionals with an extensive artistic career at a national and international level.


Create a network in a multidisciplinary creative environment

Participate in transversal projects generating unique experiences and professional teams for the future. Work on interdisciplinary productions and creations and diversify your artistic and work possibilities.


Train yourself under the eyes of the great geniuses of the industry

Learn alongside active professionals of international prestige and discover all the keys to connecting your creations with the industry. encounters, masterclasses and workshops with artists of the stature of Gustavo Santaolalla, Martha Walvoord, Lucas Vidal and many more.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan


Publishing: copyright and publishers

Musical creation and copyright.
The music publisher (publishing): listening, analysis, work contract, editorial A&R.
Registration and copyright.


Production of a song

Work in a recording studio: sound design, pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering.
Relationship with suppliers.
Record deal.
Artistic direction (A&R).


Preparation of a label copy

The record label: structure of a company, catalogue, contracts and distribution, strategy and flow of releases.
Material creation: masters audio, cover design, photography session, video clip shooting, etc.


Launch campaign design

The figure of the product manager.
Digital marketing actions, social networks, advertising investment, support in artistic collaborations, edits, remixes.
Sales analysis and monitoring (streams, views, etc.).


Live show design

Musical direction for live versions of the repertoire.
Work in a rehearsal space: staging, use of props, sound, lights, audiovisual elements, backline, etc.


Exploitation of the theme/artist

Contact with external agencies and production companies.
Synchronizations (advertising brand, TV or film soundtracks, video games, branded content, compilations).
Preparation of merchandising products and products derived from the theme/project.
Personal and brand management.

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Student profile

  • Musicians with artistic projects underway who want to deepen their knowledge of the tools that can help them grow.
  • Passionate about working with artists, with a desire to participate in real projects where they have value to contribute for their growth.
  • Marketing students who want to specialize in music artist management.
  • Interested in the production of live concerts, festivals, musical cycles.
  • Lawyers or graduates with a special predilection for intellectual property rights, collective management, record and/or publishing contracts, etc.
  • Music producers who wish to delve deeper into the recording and commercial development of artists and repertoires.
  • People interested in music as a tool and vehicle to grow other businesses.
  • Students from other audiovisual branches who see sufficient potential in music to become a driving force for all types of film, stage, advertising, etc. productions.


To access the pedagogical orientation interview, the applicant must present their CV and a link to previous work carried out.

Career Opportunities

Record A&R. Editorial A&R. Artistic department assistant coordinator. Product manager. Responsible for promotion/communication (press, radio, TV, social media, digital). Responsible for synchronization (record or editorial). Playlists curator (stream analytics). Copyright controller. Study coordinator (studio manager). Production assistant. Manager (artists office). Road manager. Creative director in musical projects. Digital marketing manager. 

Academic Outlook

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