Studies Master in Dubbing

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Studies Master in Dubbing

Master in Dubbing

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TAI-certified master* *In accordance with what is stated in article 4.4 of Decree 84/2004, of May 13, which regulates the right to information and the protection of the economic rights of students who take non-regulated education, it is reported that this qualification does not lead to obtaining an official title.
Master in Dubbing
1 academic year
(60 ECTS)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024
Become a professional dubbing and voice artist

This master addresses dubbing and locution from an innovative vision based on project learning and practical experiences to create a portfolio.

Delve into the main types of dubbing and locution demanded by the current industry in which the voice becomes a powerful communication tool, both when accompanied by images or music, and when, by itself, it manages to evoke thoughts, feelings and emotion.

Develop your portfolio with the production of 10 locution and dubbing practices at the same time that you receive complete training to face any type of professional challenge within the world of dubbing.


Approach dubbing from a transversal perspective

This master covers all areas in which the word is a transmitter of truth and emotions through training based on experimentation and professionalization.

Master in Dubbing

Learn to convey emotions

Inquire into the different interpretation techniques applied to dubbing and acquire the necessary tools to function in a recording studio.

Master in Dubbing

Delve into dubbing and locution techniques

Master the types of dubbing applied to various audiovisual media (sitcom, drama, advertising, musical, video games, animation, documentary, audiobook), as well as locution in social networks and/or radio.

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Study Plan

The Master in DUBBING trains new professionals based on knowledge of what is happening in the artistic and audiovisual industry.

Perfect your technique and broaden your artistic vision in specialized workshops, masterclasses and meetings with active professionals. A innovative and practical methodology with the portfolio as the backbone and advanced training validated by the industry:

Key concepts
Deepening of the knowledge of the specialty.

specialized workshops
Intensive training of the different processes and modes of professional practice.

Tutored development of projects
Tutorials and personalized follow-up with the detailed assessment of a panel of experts.


Voice and Movement Techniques
Dubbing Techniques and Studio Locution
Acting Techniques Applied to Dubbing (Sitcom and Drama Practices)
Voice-over Tools (Commercial Spot Practice)
Music and Dubbing (Musical Dubbing Practice)
Sound Editing and Home Studio


Video Game Dubbing (Video Games Practice)
Animation Dubbing (Animation Practice)
Documentary Dubbing (Documentary Practice)
Audiobooks Locution (Audiobook Practice)
Advanced Locution Workshop (Social Networks or Caster Practices)
Project Development Tutorials


Group creation of a Podcast Program and/or Social Networks
Portfolios Presentation


Student profile

Graduate students in acting and/or singing who want to specialize in dubbing and locution.

Students with a Bachelor's Degree and/or a Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting de TAI or extinct degrees in the area of ​​performing arts who wish to continue their training by specializing through a high-level program that links them professionally to the industry.

Dubbing and/or locution professionals who want to retrain or do comprehensive training to reinforce any of the areas that make up dubbing and voice-over.

Actors or actresses with an interest in creating their own dubbing and/or voice-over productions and who want to delve into the current operation of the industry.

Communication professionals who want to dive into a discipline other than their own.


Dubbing and Locution: generate a recording of 1 min. of duration in which the applicant reads or recites a certain text of her choice.

Presentation: next to the updated curriculum, the applicants will be able to attach links or samples of their best work. It will be valued to include a letter of recommendation.

Career Opportunities

WE LIVE IMMERSED IN THE CULTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT AND THE AUDIOVISUAL BOOM. A global industry that demands voice professionals capable of adapting to all genres and formats (advertising, music, videogames, animation, documentary, audiobooks, social networks, radio, etc.).

Dubbing and Locution

Dubbing actor or actress. Video game caster. Documentaries, audiobooks, radio and podcasts and/or radio spots, audiovisual spots and social networks host.


Facilities | Rehearsal and dance rooms
Rehearsal and dance rooms
Facilities | Audience
Facilities | set Ibiza
set Ibiza
Facilities | Rehearsal and music recording rooms
Rehearsal and music recording rooms
Facilities | Recoletos set
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Internships at Companies

Academic Outlook

Continue your master's studies with a second specialization with which to complement and enhance your professional profile.

Internships at Companies

TAI offers EXTRNAL INTERNSHIPS always accompanied by tutorials and prior preparation that give students the opportunity to work in top-level companies and institutions.

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Master in Dubbing. An eminently practical training based on project-based learning.

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