Studies Diploma in Video Game Creation and Virtual Reality

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Studies Diploma in Video Game Creation and Virtual Reality

Diploma in
Video Game Creation
and Virtual Reality

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Diploma in Video Game Creation and Virtual Reality
2 years
In-person (Madrid)
September 2025

A future of work in the most vibrant and creative industry

Train yourself through practical projects in which you can create new worlds and immersive experiences.

With the Diploma in Video Game Creation and Virtual Reality you will be able to create new worlds, experience the most innovative tools and collaborate on projects to develop a creative professional portfolio. You will be trained in a multidisciplinary university environment that will allow you to acquire a technical and artistic profile to stand out in an increasingly competitive sector.

A practical learning in which you will go from Unity and Unreal Engine to advanced 3D modeling techniques. Dive into the fundamentals of rigging and animation by creating skeletons that will be the backbone of your characters and giving them movement and emotion.

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to study in TAI


The most innovative tools and techniques in the industry

Delve into the present of the industry and technology by learning to handle the most used software in the large international studios: Autodesk, Maya, Adobe Substance, Redshift, Arnold, ZBrush and Unreal Engine, programs with which Disney, DreamWorks or Pixar They imagine and develop their most avant-garde projects.


Transform your imagination into interactive realities

It goes from the fundamentals of 3D creation to the complexity of artificial intelligence and animation. Use tools to design games that dazzle not only with their aesthetics, but also thrill with their depth and playability.


One team for the rest of my life

The transversal projects in which you will participate will become transformative experiences and a unique opportunity to network.


Learn from great professionals and visionaries in the industry

Train alongside professionals from major national and international animation production companies who will show you all the keys to connecting your creations with the industry.


If you want to go even further, discover our mastercollege students

Take another step in your career by specializing with a Master TAI in Virtual Production.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan

Course 1

Expert I. 3D modeling for scenarios, vehicles and objects

Introduction to Autodesk Maya and
polygonal modeling
Materials and textures (Adobe Substance 3D Painter)
Sculptural modeling (ZBrush)
Lighting and shadows (Redshift, Arnold)
Rigging objects using controllers and bones
3D Animation
Image and sound editing and composition (DaVinci Resolve)
Creation of professional reel

Expert II. Organic Creature and Character Modeling

Basic anatomy in ZBrush
Polygonal modeling and digital sculpture
Texturing and materials
3D printing
Introduction to creating a portfolio

Course 2

Expert III. Rigging and animation

Rigging Basics
Rigging of bipedal characters
Facial and expression rigging
Basic automation in rigging
3D Animation
Body mechanics and animation.
Facial animation and acting
Integration of advanced technologies

Expert IV. Unreal Engine

Level Design Basics
Creation of content and scenarios
Programming and blueprints
Animation of characters and objects
particle system
Final project: creation of a video game

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Student profile

  • Students who want to get started in the world of video game creation and virtual reality.
  • Self-taught digital art students who seek to equip themselves with tools to professionalize their artistic abilities in the creative industries environment.


No prior knowledge is required to access the first course. A personal interview is carried out (in person or online).

Possibility of access to the second course directly if the applicant proves the required skills and knowledge.

Career Opportunities

3D modeler

Create detailed three-dimensional models of characters, objects, and environments for video games and virtual reality (VR) productions, using advanced modeling techniques.

Texturizer and materials artist

Design and apply textures and materials to 3D models to give them a realistic, detailed look, essential for creating stunning visual assets.

Rigger and 3D animator

Design and build a game's levels and environments with Unreal Engine, creating playable spaces that are both challenging and visually appealing.

Video game developer at Unreal Engine

Develop games using Unreal Engine, one of the most powerful and popular game engines, covering both programming and visual and gameplay integration.

Virtual reality specialist

Create immersive experiences and applications using VR for various sectors, such as training simulations, education or entertainment.

Animation technical artist

He works at the intersection of art and programming to ensure animations work seamlessly within the context of the game, resolving technical issues related to the art.

Art Production Supervisor

Manage teams of 3D artists, ensuring the visual and technical cohesion of all graphic assets in a project.

Developer of interactive experiences

Create applications and experiences that use advanced interactivity, exploring new forms of narrative and user participation in digital environments.

Entrepreneur in creative technologies

Found startups focused on the development of new solutions in the field of video games and virtual reality.


Teaches modeling, texturing and animation techniques in educational institutions or specialized workshops.


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Diploma in 3D Modeling. Obtain a technical as well as artistic profile with a high employability rate in a multidisciplinary university space.

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