Studies Diploma in Digital and 3D Illustration

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Studies Diploma in Digital and 3D Illustration

Diploma in
Digital and 3D Illustration

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Own title * In accordance with the provisions of article 4.4 of Decree 84/2004, of May 13, which regulates the right to information and the protection of the economic rights of students who take non-regulated education, it is reported that this qualification does not lead to obtaining an official degree.
Diploma in Digital and 3D Illustration
2 years
(120 ECTS)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Train yourself as a professional illustrator and get your first job contract in the industry

Enter the world of illustration and the visual creation of narratives and access a wide range of professional offers: publishing, press, communication and marketing, film industry and video game companies or the technology sector.

This diploma will allow you to function with ease in the visualization and conceptualization of quality images within a digital market in full evolution. You will acquire the resources and skills necessary to know how to create original images and innovative visual narratives in all types of creative environments. You will put into practice the knowledge acquired in a professional production, thus gaining access to your first paid job in the industry.

A current and dynamic program, eminently practical, where technical, theoretical and artistic training converge in the same setting. You will transversally explore fields such as drawing, illustration, 3D modeling, storyboarding, conceptualization for the film and video game industry or virtual reality.

Diploma program

Six reasons
to study in TAI


Train yourself through an innovative system based on experiential learning

Develop the competencies and skills required in the labor market through a program designed with a modular structure: a training journey around carrying out internships and projects supervised by active professionals.

Get your first employment contract and be part of a professional production

At the end of the training, in the second course, you will develop a professional production that guarantees access to a first paid job in the industry. You will be part of the entire process: production, distribution and exhibition.


Access a qualification oriented towards employability and the industry

En TAI You will have multiple professional opportunities: artistic residencies, internships in companies, advisory services, career guidance, events, masterclasses, meetings with artists and all kinds of activities aimed at employability in the world of the arts.


Immerse yourself in artistic experimentation processes in the Creation Laboratories

Participate in the Laboratories, spaces focused on artistic exploration and experimentation guided by arts professionals. An immersive experience to enhance your skills through dialogue and the development of creations in small groups.

Enjoy the arts beyond the classroom in the Clubs TAI

Participate in Clubs TAI, meeting, exchange and reflection points that allow you to form links with students from all disciplines, fostering friendships, professional contacts and lifelong relationships.


Train the interpersonal skills you need for your professional development

The Diplomas TAI They include a workshop to develop key interpersonal skills to be successful in the personal, educational and work sphere: SWOT analysis, management of strengths and weaknesses, communication strategies, team management and leadership, relaxation techniques and much more.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan

During the first year You will get started in the different typologies of the world of illustration. In it second year You will face an illustration project for branded content or brand content, then moving on to the development of a complete concept art project and ending with a professional publication.

Course 1

Module I: Drawing notebook

Creating a sketchbook by exploring different traditional illustration techniques.

Module II: Festival poster or EP cover

Application of the principles of color, shape, composition and lettering in a graphic illustration project for a festival or musical artist.

Module III: Editorial Illustration

Synthesis of an editorial article into visual elements for the creation of an illustration.

Module IV: RR.SS Comic.

Development of a brief sequential illustration for social networks.

Course 2

Module V: Brand illustration

Corporate illustration project for a brand in the context of an online advertising campaign.

Module VI: Concept art

Development of a concept art book as part of the pre-production process of a video game or film production.

Professional production: Publication

Creation of a professional publication in the form of a graphic novel, children's illustrated album or concept art dossier.

Career Opportunities

Film industry, digital platforms and television
video game industry
Publishing, book and comic companies
Children's educational sector and companies in the pedagogical field
Digital advertising agencies
Design studies and strategic consulting
Illustrator for branded content
Digital press and legacy media (print magazines)

Academic Outlook

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Diploma in Digital and 3D Illustration

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