Studies Diploma in 3D Animation

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Studies Diploma in 3D Animation

Diploma in 3D Animation

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Own title * In accordance with the provisions of article 4.4 of Decree 84/2004, of May 13, which regulates the right to information and the protection of the economic rights of students who take non-regulated education, it is reported that this qualification does not lead to obtaining an official degree.
Diploma in 3D Animation
2 years
(120 ECTS)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Build scenarios and animate characters from major productions

An intensive and practical training with which you will control the most widely used 3D animation tools, techniques and programs at an international level

You will develop not only a technical profile, but also an artistic one, a differentiating factor that will allow you to stand out in an increasingly competitive sector.

In just two years, you will be trained with the best programs and software for animation (3D production techniques with Autodesk Maya, digital editing with Premiere and Photoshop, 2D animation in After Effects and Toon Boom) and you will have the opportunity to carry out multidisciplinary collaborations to improve your portfolio. At the end of the diploma, you will access your first employment contract in the sector, paid and guaranteed.

Six reasons
to study in TAI


Learn to tell stories

Acquire storytelling tools through key elements in audiovisual production: storyboard, characters, transitions, and visual analogies.

Train yourself with the tools and techniques of the industry

In the Animation & Postproduction Area we are always connected to the present of the industry and the most innovative technology: Maya, Nuke, Flame, Houdini, After Effects, Premiere, Avid, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

First guaranteed employment contract and access to more than 700 agreements with companies in the industry

At the end of your training, you will get a paid contract linked to the actual professional production of a series or film. In addition, you will have access to our artistic residency program, internships, advisory service, career guidance, events and all kinds of activities aimed at employability in the world of the arts.


Learn from great professionals and visionaries of the arts

Train with active professionals with a wide artistic career at a national and international level and discover all the keys to connect your creations with the industry.


Model, texturize and illuminate

Delve into 3D design and modeling, create custom textures, and learn lighting and rendering techniques.


Expand your training with one of our masters

Continue your career specializing with a TAI Master in Editing and Color Correction or Postproduction and VFX.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

En TAI We believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan

In the first course you will learn what 3D animation is and you will start in this discipline that works like a large chain of technicians and artists where specialization is very important. We will help you find the path that you really like.

In the Second course you will be able to specialize following your interests and strengths.

In your final project you will learn to function in the work processes of the animation industry in each of its phases:

  • During the phase of preproduction, you will work on storytelling and storyboarding.
  • In the phase of production, you will delve into concept art techniques and visual development, lay out, modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.
  • Learn to give the final finish to any audiovisual project with the postproduction, lighting, VFX design and color processes.

You will train with the best animation programs and software (3D production techniques with Autodesk Maya, digital edition with Premiere y Photoshop, 2D animation in After Effects y toon Boom) and you will have the opportunity to carry out multidisciplinary collaborations to improve your portfolio and respond to the many job offers in 3D animation.

Course 1

Audiovisual Language and Film Narrative
Animated Film References
Digital Edition with Premiere
Fundamentals of Photography
Concept Art and Digital Matte Painting
3D Modeling and Design
Material Design and Texturing I
Theories and Principles of Animation
Introduction to Drawing
2D Animation with After Effects and Toon Boom
Animation Practice

Course 2

Production Coordination in Animation and VFX
Lighting and Rendering Techniques
Creation of Digital Cameras and Matchmoving
Design and Animation of Characters and Creatures
Material Design and Texturing II
Rigging Techniques for Assets and Characters
Body Mechanics and Basic Cycles
Cartoon Techniques: Acting and Pantomime
Facial Rigging and Lip Sync


Student profile

Students who want to enter the world of animation.

People with artistic vocation and interest in technology and learning computer programs.

Artists and technicians of the audiovisual sector who want to complement their knowledge or continue their training deepening in other specialties.

Professionals from other branches (Design, Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication or Engineering) who are interested in changing their profession or broadening their knowledge.


For access to the first course, no prior knowledge is required. A personal interview (in person or online) is carried out.

Possibility of access to the second course directly if the applicant accredits the required skills and knowledge.

Career Opportunities

Spain is the fifth largest producer in the world and the second in Europe in terms of animated feature films. Within this context, Madrid it has positioned itself as the main benchmark for audiovisual animation and VFX effects where the most innovative specialized companies are based. With more than 900 shoots a year, Madrid is the city that hosts the largest number of productions.

A wide network of infrastructures and the growing professional offer that brings together more than 3.000 companies in the audiovisual sector, among which production companies and technical services, postproduction and animation and VFX studios stand out, make Madrid the ideal city to train in the sector with the greatest exponential growth in the industry.

Come study 3D animation in Madrid and guide your professional future towards the profile that best suits your interests and abilities.



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Academic Outlook

TAI-certified Diplomas are the first step for job placement and allow academic progression towards higher cycles. Connect with the industry and professional employability and specialize by studying a TAI Master.

Postproduction and VFX
Animation & Postproduction
Master in Editing and Color Correction for Films for TV Series
Animation & Postproduction

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Diploma in 3D Animation. Obtain a technical as well as an artistic profile with a high employability rate in a multidisciplinary university space.

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