Studies Degree in Cinematography + Diploma in Interpretation

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Studies Degree in Cinematography + Diploma in Interpretation

Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking (In Spanish)
+ Diploma in Interpretation

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Official Qualification
Degree in Cinematography from the Rey Juan Carlos University (Official title) + Diploma in Interpretation (own title)
240 ECTS + 90 ECTS
(4 academic years)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Train yourself as a professional in front of and behind the cameras

A unique and innovative double degree that will allow you to multiply your professional opportunities and successfully navigate all facets of cinema, from actor/actress to director, passing through the roles of screenwriter, cameraman, producer and editor.

In the Degree in Cinematography you will work using a project methodology, rotating between the functions of the essential departments of an audiovisual production. A technical and artistic immersion through the real exercise of the different professions of the audiovisual industry.

With the Diploma in Interpretation you will train as an actor or actress, knowing the creative means at your disposal through learning that condenses the fundamental tools of interpretation: text, gesture and voice. In parallel to training in cinematography, you will explore the various facets of acting, alternating theatrical and audiovisual work to develop yourself in all types of formats (theater, film and television).

This comprehensive training includes individualized monitoring throughout the entire training process in order to achieve artistic and personal maturity to advance in your professional career.

Diploma program

Six reasons
to study in TAI


Performs, directs, writes, produces, shoots and edits

Learn by performing and filming from the beginning. Perform the functions of the essential departments of an audiovisual production while acquiring knowledge and skills of audiovisual and stage interpretation in a practical way.


Train in cutting-edge spaces with advanced equipment and software

It carries out projects on professional sets equipped with the best equipment and works with the main cameras on the market, the most complete lighting equipment and the most internationally implemented software.

Create a networking network in a multidisciplinary creative environment.

Participate in transversal projects generating unique experiences and professional teams for the future. Work on interdisciplinary productions and creations and diversify your artistic and work possibilities.


Guaranteed employment contract, internships, entrepreneurship and international stays

Access your first employment contract linked to a professional production and acquire new skills that prepare you for the world of work through internships in companies, entrepreneurial projects and mobility programs at art universities around the world.


Train yourself under the eyes of the great geniuses of the industry

Learn alongside internationally renowned leaders and discover all the keys to connecting your creations with the industry. encounters, masterclasses and workshops with artists of the caliber of David Lynch, Isabel Coixet, Gaspar Noé, Julie Delpy, Tim Burton and many more.


Expand your training with one of our masters

Specialize with a Master TAI in Direction, Screenplay, Artistic Direction, Photography and Camera, Production, Editing, Post-production and VFX, Audiovisual Interpretation or Musical Theater, programs designed from the knowledge of what the industry expects from a contemporary professional.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan

Each course you will lead and collaborate in projects supervised by active professional teachers and you will live the real exercise of the different audiovisual trades.

IN 1ST AND 2ND YOU WILL ROTATE BETWEEN THE FUNCTIONS OF THE ESSENTIAL DEPARTMENTS OF AN AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION: production, script, direction, photography and camera direction, sound, editing and post-production.

IN 3rd AND 4TH YOU WILL FOCUS ON THE SPECIALTY THAT TRULY PASSIONATES YOU: scriptwriting and direction, production and production design, image post-production and sound creation or photography and camera direction.

Throughout these four courses you will alternate both theatrical and audiovisual interpretation work, ending with fiction filming in which you will participate as an actor/actress in the short films of your classmates.

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Student profile

Individuals endowed with awareness, creativity, and commitment  who are willing to explore opportunities to develop their technical, artistic, and intellectual capacities.

Students who enjoy and dedicate themselves to “workshop” work, capable of also developing a creative personality, and a team vision intrinsically associated with cinematography.

Future professionals who want to take their passion for cinematography to the next level through official university studies, thus giving themselves the qualifications to not only practice a profession, but also to be able to embark on a career in academia/research.


An academic orientation interview must be conducted, and you must meet the requirements of one of the admission routes:

Official Spanish University Entrance Exam (EvAU), Vocational Training qualification, or a certification of other studies carried out in Spain.

Applicants with a non-EU secondary school diploma are required to get their degree officially recognized.

The UNED credential is necessary for students from the European Union in possession of an International Baccalaureate.


Arturo Serrano Alvarez | Teachers
Arturo Serrano
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Irene Garces | Teachers
Irene Garcés
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Juan Francisco Viruega | Teachers
Juan Francisco Viruega
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Ruben Díaz by Grenu | Teachers
Rubén Díaz de Greñu
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Joaquin Pena
Joaquín Peña Feria
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Laura Bermejo | Teachers
Laura Bermejo
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Alberto Raya
Alberto Raya
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Alberto Torres | Teachers
Alberto Torres
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Aldo Aguirre | Teachers
Aldo Aguirre
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
Álvaro Vega
Álvaro Vega
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Andrea Van Houtven | Teachers
Andrea Van Houtven
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Andrés Torres | Teachers
Andrés Torres
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
Antonio Sansano | Teachers
Antonio Sansano
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Cristina Coronado
Cristina Coronado
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Clara Ruiperez de Azcarate | teacher TAI
Clara Ruipérez de Azcárate
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Dani Peña | Teachers
Daniel Peña
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Daniel Rincón | Teachers
Daniel Rincón García
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
David Carratalá | Teachers
David Carratalá
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Irene Bonilla | Teachers
Irene Bonilla
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
Teachers Placeholder 1
Nieves Moreno
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
carlos saorin
Carlos Saorín
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
César Perez | Teachers
César Pérez
Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Laura Ordas
Laura Ordás
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Teachers Placeholder 4
Pedro Martín Díaz
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Marcos Merino | Teachers
Marcos Merino
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Teachers Placeholder 4
Claudia Malheiros
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
sonia gomez
Sonia Gómez
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Antonio M. Villalba
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Yara Nodar | Teachers
Yara Nodar
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts

Career Opportunities

audiovisual direction

Film director. Coordinator of audiovisual projects. Showrunner. Producer of TV series, advertising or documentaries. 1st and 2nd assistant director. script.


Fiction scriptwriter for film and TV, magazines and reality shows. Showrunner. Screenwriter of multimedia projects, events and television galas. dialogist. Script Analyst. Literary adaptation specialist.


Director of photography. Camera operator in film and TV. Assistant and / or camera assistant. Video-assist. DIT (digital imaging technician). Traveling machinist. TV set lighting. Gaffer and/or electric.


Executive producer. Production manager. Head of production. Councilor Director of audiovisual companies. Director of audiovisual and multimedia projects.

Editing and post production

Fiction editor for film and TV. Post-production coordinator. VFX Supervisor. Post-production, animation, special effects or color technician. Grader


Head of sound. Sound designer. Sound editor. Microphone player. Direct sound technician, BSO recording or dubbing. Producer / a BSO.

Cinema, TV Series and Other Media

Film and TV actor or actress. Advertising and new digital formats model . TV host. Singer. Radio broadcaster.


Theater actor or actress. Musical theater singer and dancer. Stage director. Assistant theater director.


Teacher and/or academic researcher. Teacher of dramatic art, dance and singing. Teacher of artistic activities. Monitor of film, theater, dance and singing workshops.


Representative of actors and actresses. Casting director.


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Facilities | Recoletos set
Recoletos set
Facilities | multimedia classrooms
multimedia classrooms
Facilities | Audience
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7.1 sound studio

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Official University Degree in Cinematography + Diploma in Interpretation. Specialize in writing and directing, production, post-production or photography and camera and explore the various facets of acting (theater, film and television).

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