Studies Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition

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Studies Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition

Bachelor's Degree
in Music Composition (In English)

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Official qualification from the
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

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Official Qualification
Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition (In English)
240 ECTS
(4 academic years)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Start your musical career in a multidisciplinary artistic environment

Develop your compositional creativity relying on new technologies and your passion for music.

Prepare to develop yourself in different compositional fields, from soundtracks for films, TV series, advertising or video games, to current urban music, including musical theater or corporate communication.

The Official Degree in Musical Composition trains highly qualified composers for musical creation in a great diversity of genres and styles, integrating new technological and audiovisual media. In addition to purely musical learning, you will learn to convert your ideas into concrete and real projects and to manage and insert them professionally.

This comprehensive training includes individualized monitoring throughout the entire training process that will allow you to achieve artistic and personal maturity to advance in your professional career.

Six reasons
to study in TAI

Create, record and produce

Learn to compose complex and long-lasting pieces by exploring different musical genres and styles and investigating their possible fusions. He experiments on a journey towards his own voice and develops a personal style working from artistic freedom.


Guaranteed employment contract, internships, entrepreneurship and international stays

Access your first employment contract linked to a professional production and acquire new skills that prepare you for the world of work in various areas of the artistic and audiovisual sector through tutored internships, entrepreneurship projects and mobility programs at art universities around the world. world.


Composite for cinema and audiovisual media

Participate in real interdisciplinary work projects and create music for film, TV, video games, advertising, multimedia and stage shows (theater, dance, etc.), acquiring knowledge about audio and midi recording and editing, virtual orchestration and musical production.


Train yourself under the eyes of the great geniuses of the industry

Learn alongside active professionals with extensive artistic careers at a national and international level and discover all the keys to the sector to connect your creations with the industry. encounters, masterclasses and workshops with artists of the stature of Gustavo Santaolalla, Martha Walvoord, Lucas Vidal and many more.


Create a network in a multidisciplinary creative environment

Participate in transversal projects generating unique experiences and professional teams for the future. Work on interdisciplinary productions and creations and diversify your artistic and work possibilities.

Expand your training with one of our masters

Specialize with a Master in Music Production, a program designed based on the knowledge of what the industry expects from a contemporary professional in the different trades and disciplines of music.

Consult our exclusive financing conditions

In TAI we believe that studying what you like should be easy, that is why we put at your disposal the best conditions to finance your studies: exclusive TAI, adapted 100% to you and with responsible fees.

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Study Plan

Course 1

Music Composition I
Projects I
Survey of Classical Music
Piano Harmony I
Instrumental and Vocal Practice
Ear Training I
Orchestration and Mockups I
Digital Editing of Notation and Scores
Music Production I

Course 2

Music Composition II
Projects II
Culture and Creative Thought
Piano Harmony II
Ear Training II
Orchestration and Mockups II
Intellectual Property Law
Modern Language
Professional Ethics and Equality

Course 3

Music Composition III
Projects III
Music Composition for Audiovisual Media I
Piano Harmony III
Ear Training III
Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition
Trends in Urban Music I
Orchestration and Mockups III
Music Production II

Course 4

Music Composition IV
Projects IV
Music Composition for Audiovisual Media II
Trends in Urban Music II
Industry, Business and Career Development
External Internships
Academic Recognition of Credits
Undergraduate Thesis Project

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Student profile

People who want to go deeper in different musical aesthetics and who have minimal mastery of an instrument, while being curious about new technologies.

People who are passionate about music, endowed with sensitivity and imagination, willing to explore the different contemporary styles, both in the musical field and in the scenic and audiovisual fields.

People who want to accredit their training with a bachelor's degree, consolidating the foundations to improve their employability and/or start a career in teaching or academic research.


An academic orientation interview must be conducted, and you must meet the requirements of one of the admission routes:

Official University Entrance Test (EvAU), Vocational Training qualification or a certification of other studies carried out in Spain.

Applicants with a non-EU secondary school diploma are required to get their degree officially recognized.

The UNED credential is necessary for students from the European Union in possession of an International Baccalaureate.


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Paloma Cosano
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Eduardo Rojo | Teachers
Eduardo Rojo
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Miguel de Almeida
Miguel de Almeida
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Alejandro del Pozo | Teachers
Alejandro del Pozo
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Rodrigo Faina | Teachers
Rodrigo Faina
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Marcos Merino | Teachers
Marcos Merino
Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound
Teachers Placeholder 4
Juan Andrés García Martín
Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts

Career Opportunities

Music for stage

Music composer. Producer. Orchestrator and musical arranger for dramatic works, comedies, dance and experimental shows. Supervisor of music and soundtracks.

Soundtracks and advertising

Music composer. Orchestrator and arranger of soundtracks for movies, documentaries, short films, TV series and programs, radio programs and tunes, jingles and headers, commercials, industrial videos, reports and multimedia music. Original and adapted music supervisor. Radio announcer or programmer on music stations.

Music for concert

Orchestra and chamber music composer. Music composer for ensembles. Songwriter. Modern music composer. Music file manager and score editor.


Teacher and/or academic researcher.


Facilities | Rehearsal and music recording rooms
Rehearsal and music recording rooms
Facilities | Audience
Facilities | multimedia classrooms
multimedia classrooms

Academic Outlook

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