Studies Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts and Screen Acting

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Studies Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts and Screen Acting

Bachelor's Degree
in Performing Arts and Screen Acting (In English)

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Official Qualification
Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts and Screen Acting (Official Bachelor from the Rey Juan Carlos University)
240 ECTS
(4 academic years)
In-person (Madrid)
September 2024

Four years of the best physical, technical, creative, and emotional training. Become the multidisciplinary artist that the national and international industry wants, capable of adapting to film, TV, digital platforms, theater, and the new boom in musicals.

More than just acting, we prepare you for writing and dramaturgy, plastic arts, consulting and artistic direction.

Learn to interpret characters within different cinematographic, scenic, and audiovisual codes and styles.

Learn about how the cultural industry operates in order to create your own shows and adapt to the changing distribution and marketing channels.


Complete your photobook and videobook with interdisciplinary projects and build contacts by networking, allowing you to better approach your professional future.

Study Plan

THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN PERFORMING ARTS AND SCREEN ACTING It offers you educational objectives that go beyond the purely theatrical field, incorporating content that allows students to get involved in the audiovisual medium (film, TV, and other digital formats).

Delve into the contemporary scene and integrate dance and song into the creation of a complete piece of musical theater. Complete your studies with audiovisual projects to perfect your acting skills before the camera and be part of a professional stage production.

IN THE 1ST AND 2ND YEAR, YOU WILL EXPLORE THE DIFFERENT TEXTS AND ACTING STYLES and you will delve into the incarnation of the character by developing new physical and vocal tools.

IN THE 3RD AND 4TH YEAR, YOU WILL STUDY THE CONTEMPORARY SCENE, THE AUDIOVISUAL INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT in performing arts and you will hone your skills in dancing, singing, and dubbing.

Year 1

Improvisation and Acting Foundations
Screen Acting Foundations
Acting Project II
Vocal Technique II
Music and Singing I
Movement and Gesture
Dancing Basic Moves
Dramatic Literature II
History of Performing Arts
film and acting
Professional Ethics and Equality
Computer Technology Applied to the Performing Arts

Year 2

building a character
Filming and Auditioning
Acting Project II
Vocal Technique II
Music and Singing II
Body and Masks
Contemporary dance
Make-up and Character Development
Dramatic Literature II
Script and Playwriting I
Art History and Aesthetics
Theory of Acting

Year 3

Stage Acting
Screen Acting
Acting Project II
vocal training
musical theater
stage combat
Script and Playwriting II
Film Narrative and Editing
Technology Applied to the Performing Arts
Intellectual Property Law
Audiovisual and Performing Arts Industry

Year 4

Stage/Screen Creative Project
Entrepreneurship, Management and Professional Career
TV Hosting Workshop
Dramaturgy Workshop
Dubbing Workshop
Acrobatics Workshop
External Internship
Academic Recognition of Credits
Undergraduate Thesis Project


Student profile

Students with a vocation for acting who want quality artistic, academic, and human training in a university and artistic environment to pursue a professional career in a booming industry.

Future actors and actresses with passion, sensitivity et imagination who want to develop their artistic and intellectual capacities for any medium and in any place.

People who want to accredit their training with an official qualification, consolidating their foundation to improve their professional employability.


An academic orientation interview must be conducted, and you must meet the requirements of one of the admission routes:

Official Spanish University Entrance Exam (PAU), Vocational Training qualification, or a certification of other studies carried out in Spain.

Applicants with a non-EU Secondary school diploma are required to get their degree officially recognized.

The UNED credential is necessary for students from the European Union in possession of an International Baccalaureate.

Career Opportunities

WE LIVE IMMERSED IN THE CULTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT AND THE AUDIOVISUAL BOOM. A global industry that demands performers who are capable of adapting to all genres and formats: cinema, TV series, theater, musicals, video clips, advertising, new media, etc.

The performance world is in a new Golden Age with Madrid as the third world capital of musical theater, only behind New York and London.

This is your moment.


Act in theater and/or musicals, work as a stage director, assistant director of the theater, or a director of actors and actresses for stage shows.

Cinema, TV series and other media

Acting for film and TV, advertising, TV presentation, dubbing, singing, radio broadcasting, direction of actors and actresses in different audiovisual formats, direction of casting.

Cultural management, consulting, and artistic direction

Programming of theaters and houses of culture, management of theater and film festivals, theater and film critic, acting coaching, management of commemorative and institutional events.


Teaching and/or academic research, teaching in dramatic art, dance and song or artistic activities, giving workshops on film, theater, dance, and song.

Other professions

Head of communication in companies, artist agent, sociocultural animation for leisure complexes, television, and social and cultural offers of public and private institutions.

Suggestions and Complaints

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please use the SUGGESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS BOX.

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