Master's Degree in Screen Acting

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Master's Degree in Screen Acting

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Master's Degree in Screen Acting

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common Basic Training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External Practices
  • RAC – Credit Recognition
  • TFG – Final Degree Project


Vocal tools applied to Screen Acting

Importance of the voice as a basic tool for film and TV interpretation. Study of vocal technique and the elements that interfere with its domain. Relationship between character and record. Accent work. Fundamental vocal expression techniques for locution and dubbing. Marks and rhythm, volume, voice range and diction.

Physical tools applied to Screen Acting

Theoretical and practical research on the study of tools and transformation of expressive habits. Search for body alignment and correction of postural habits. Investigate the unlocking of physical-psychic expression. Mobilization of the body letting energy flow. Integration of the three planes; physical, mental and emotional.

Advanced Training

Perfecting audiovisual interpretation skills based on the exploration of self-image through acting coaching tools. Differences between stage and audiovisual interpretation from practice and the approach to sequences. Approach to approaching a script from analysis and filming. Approach to auteur cinema and commercial cinema from the viewing of representative films and the realization of academic theoretical reflections.

Screen Acting Techniques

Skills necessary to critically analyze and evaluate the skill and interpretive practice of the audiovisual actor or actress. Cognitive bases to contextualize mytho-historically the "acting" milestones in relation to filming/recording, in analytical comparison to the scenic praxis of the theatrical and performative director/actor.

Milestones of Screen Acting

Development and enrichment of skills for critical analysis of the interpretive practice and skill of the interpreter. Theoretical and practical study of different modes of interpretation based on interpretive experiences throughout history, context examination and comparative analysis.

Audiovisual and Cinematographic Research

Theoretical and experimental inquiry into audiovisual and cinematographic media. Training activities aimed at knowledge and identification of genres, formats and parameters related to audiovisual production (film and television direction, audiovisual performances, etc.).

Idea Creation and Development Lab

Platform and space for research and creation based on collaborative experiences. Familiarization with work dynamics and tools, inquiry and creation for the development of personal projects: from the idea to the audiovisual market.

Personal Branding

Discovery of a personal brand of its own and its positioning in the audiovisual industry. Development of personal brand optimization strategies based on the main media or channels where it connects with the audiovisual market. Planning and supervision of self-promotion materials that project the personal brand, especially the photobook and videobook. Reputation management.

Research Methodology

Study and deepening of contemporary research models and methods in arts and humanities. Development from theory, research and artistic practice around texts on cultural production and research.

Master's Dissertation

Design, production and execution of an original project related to the context of acting, theoretical or theoretical-practical, depending on the academic-professional interests of the student and the coordination of final projects. master.

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