Master in Musical Theater

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Master in Musical Theater

Map of studies
Master in Musical Theater

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common Basic Training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External Practices
  • RAC – Credit Recognition
  • TFG – Final Degree Project


Acting Techniques Applied to Musical Theater

Knowledge and study of the main interpretation techniques applied to musical theatre. Creation of complex characters and their different paths within a musical. Implementation of scenes of the main milestones of musical theater according to different genres and styles.

Applied Singing Techniques

Theoretical and practical learning of different singing techniques and vocal training adapted to musical theater. Study of the anatomy of the larynx and the functioning of the respiratory and vocal systems. Skill training in air management, projection and sound support.

Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Tap

Styles and trends: tap dance, jazz, contemporary dance, hip-hop. Technical, stylistic and interpretive exercises to practice body control and the execution of choreographies. Development of creative abilities through proposals for choreographic or repertoire works.

Music and Musical Theater

Knowledge of musical language: sheet music reading, ear training and music theory. Acquisition of new technical and creative skills for professional theater activity.

Musical Theater Milestones

Study of the course of the musical genre from the European and North American background. Consolidation and splendor of musical theater in the United States; reception and impact in Spain. The news of the genre and its incidence on the billboard. The digital age of music.


Advanced Acting

Deepening of interpretation techniques through the construction of characters and the analysis of their evolution within the production of a musical. Advanced stage training through experimentation and improvisation exercises.

Singing and Applied Vocal Coaching

Individual and choir singing and interpretation practices of the repertoire for a musical project. Mastery of technical and interpretive tools to execute different pieces.

Applied Choreography

Laboratory for improving the artistic skills of each performer and development of a global choreographic context. Use of the body as a tool for the creation and interpretation of a character within a musical work.

Personal Brand, Casting and Industry

Masterclasses dedicated to the development of the personal brand and configuration of the portfolio. MasterVIP class with relevant industry professionals. Analysis of the multiple variables that intervene in carrying out an audition process, from the moment of reading the call to the follow-up that the artist must do once the tests are finished.

Project development tutorials

Tutoring and advice on projects by teachers throughout the year master.


Creation and Group Representation of a Musical

The final sample will be held in front of an audience on at least two occasions and will feature live musicians.

Solo Recording of a Repertoire Song and Group Recording of a Sample Song

The recording of a repertoire theme will take place at the end of the Applied Singing Techniques subject, while the group theme of the show will be recorded in the studio at the end of the second semester, during the days after the show.

Music video of a group theme

Recording of a music video from the group theme recorded in audio of the sample. Translation for the camera of the language of musical theater.


In order to evaluate the materials generated from the different subjects, students will have the opportunity to present their portfolio in the auditorium in a joint session made up of various institutional members of TAI and the faculty of master.

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