Master in Music Production

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Master in Music Production

Map of studies
Master in Music Production

  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common Basic Training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External Practices
  • RAC – Credit Recognition
  • TFG – Final Degree Project


The Music Producer

Analysis of the evolution of the music producer: from the simple direction of the recording process to a key figure in the creative process.

Art Direction

Analysis and study of musical projects. Connection between producer and artist. Techniques to enhance talent and creativity.

Sound Design

Acoustic adaptation of the sound space and creative use of technological tools.

Advanced Editing in DAWs

Advanced techniques in recording and music editing, microphone positioning, recording musical instruments, signal routing, and workflow in the recording studio. Musical editing of instruments, tuning and editing of voices, preparation of audio and midi files for a mix.

Current Genres and Styles

Approach to the most current trends in the music industry. Analysis of the outstanding referents of different genres and musical styles.


Professional Studio Recording

Recording training with an artist and decision making in the studio. Communication processes with the artist, the recording engineer, the musicians and the mixing engineer. Activity developed in small groups.

Creative Mix and Mastering

Audio post-production technical tools. Creative techniques to achieve the desired stylistic coherence.

Production Equipment

Teamwork techniques and division of roles to promote co-production. Development and promotion of the abilities and creativity of the students.

Creative co-writing

Tutored practices for the creation of musical compositions and arrangements. Activity developed in small groups.

Music Marketing

Analysis of the music market and networks: publishers, record companies, contracts and licenses. Communication techniques and online and offline channels to successfully develop content dissemination strategies.

Industry, Business and Career Development

Development of skills for planning and creating a personal brand as a producer. Deepening the concept of personal branding and the operation of a positioning program (personal branding). Empowerment of creativity to build a personal product characterized by its uniqueness and differentiation.

Project Development Tutorials

The students, organized in small groups, receive advice from a leading professional in the field of music production. This meeting allows the development and promotion of one of the projects managed during the course of the degree.


complete artistic dossier

To choose between:
- Production, recording and artistic development of 2 songs of different musical genre.
- Production, recording and artistic development of 2 songs from a personal and free proposal.

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