Master in Intellectual Property in the Audiovisual and Creative Industries

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Master in Intellectual Property in the Audiovisual and Creative Industries

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Master in Intellectual Property in the Audiovisual and Creative Industries

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  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common Basic Training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External Practices
  • RAC – Credit Recognition
  • TFG – Final Degree Project


Creative Industries and Intellectual Property

Approach to the most relevant concepts of the Intellectual Property Law, its delimitation and its scope of application in the creative industries.

Rights and Methods of Protection

Study of copyright and other relevant rights in the field of creative industries. Differences between copyright and copyleft; legal mechanisms to protect intellectual property from a double perspective: preventive and defensive.

Intellectual Property Management Strategies

Regime applicable to the main management entities at the Spanish and European level. Analysis of its regulation, operation and tariff work.

Exploitation and Trading of Rights

Necessary requirements to proceed with the commercialization of intellectual property rights. Practical keys for the exploitation and commercialization of works, as well as the study of the limits of intellectual property.

Interdisciplinarity in Intellectual Property

Relationship of intellectual property with other ecosystems: brands, privacy, positioning on the Internet, use of Big Data in the creative industries, metaverse and advertising regulation.

Social Networks and New Technologies

Analysis of the legal implications of social networks and content generation (user-generated content: publications, stories, reels, GIFs), as well as their relationship with intellectual property.


Audiovisual Industry: Cinema, Series and Videogames

Study of the particularities of the audiovisual work from the point of view of intellectual property and the main players involved today. Analysis of the most relevant types of contracts in the industry, the protection of audiovisual formats by copyright, the financing, distribution and exploitation of audiovisual works, as well as the assignment of intellectual property and image rights for their advertising exploitation. (eg merchandising).

Performing arts: theater work and entertainment industry

Analysis of the legislation applicable to the performing arts in terms of intellectual property and the scope of its protection. The peculiarities of copyright and the subjects involved in the field of stage creation.

Music Industry

Study of specialties in matters of intellectual property of musical and phonographic works. Practical keys to the music industry and the main contracts. The relevant issues to be taken into account for the exploitation of musical works in its two aspects will be analyzed: synchronization rights and live performances, and the importance of advertising as an income engine in the music sector.

Fine Arts

Approach to the plastic arts from the point of view of intellectual property. Analysis of the relationships between ownership of the support and artistic creation, urban art, graffiti and street art, as well as the exploitation rights of plastic works in the fine arts and droit de suite (right of participation).


Particularities of the photographic work in terms of intellectual property: relevance of originality and distinction between photographic work and mere photography. Approach to the photography of people and the right to one's own image, commercial exploitation of the image (publicity rights), photography of other people's works and photography in public spaces.


External Internships

Learning in companies, entities or organizations, of a public or private nature, with advice for the own search and/or according to the proposed offer, the presentation of applications, the realization of the practice and the writing of the evaluative report.

Master's Dissertation

Design, development and presentation of the dossier of an original project related to the context of intellectual property in the field of a creative industry (audiovisual, musical, performing arts, fine arts or photography), based on the academic-professional interests of the /of the student and the coordination of final projects master.

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