Master in Screenwriting

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Master in Screenwriting

Map of studies
Master in Screenwriting

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common basic training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External internships
  • RAC – Academic recognition of credits
  • TFG – Final degree project


Contemporary Film Narratives

Transversal content (common for several masters) that seeks an approach to the most current trends in cinematography from a narrative and aesthetic perspective.

Creative Writing and Dramaturgical Techniques

Dramaturgy as a basis for the creation of literary scripts and use of the most effective techniques to enhance creativity.

Poetics, Myths and Universal Arguments

A conceptual trip to intertextuality and the reprogramming of the great milestones and keys of narratology.

Structures of Fiction

Different ways of planning and structuring a fiction script depending on the genres, the dramatic premises and the objectives. Analysis of the methodology and phases of writing.

Conflicts and Psychology of Characters

Dismantling of classic archetypes and study of dramatic conflicts to create characters from an artistic and contemporary conception.

Script Development Program I

Tutorials for the preparation of the feature film project with special attention to the concept, storyline, plot, plot development and character profile.


Script Development Program II

Follow-up and monitoring of the writing phases of the feature film script until its final version through 3 types of tutorials: collective (all students), group (in small groups) and individual.

showrunner workshop

The figure of showrunner in its dimension of producer, scriptwriter and creator of a fiction series. Analysis of the specific characteristics of the contemporary serial story and its creation methodologies. Specific tutorials for the creation of a serial project (dossier, production design, bible, pilot chapter script and teaser).

theme capsules

Seminars dedicated to documentary writing, adaptation, comedy, analysis and legal issues related to the sale of scripts and copyright management.

Dialogue and construction of the scene

Experimentation with dialogues by filming and editing scenes with actresses/actors to find connection and disconnection points between written words, their sound, silence and rhythm.

Teaser Creation Workshop

Creation of video pieces as part of the sales strategy for different types of projects.

Pitching Workshop

Preparation of dossiers and oratory techniques for the presentation and defense of projects through the construction of one's own discourse.

Industry, Business and Career Development

Masterclasses focused on personal brand development and portfolio configuration. Masterclasses with relevant industry professionals.


Fiction Feature Film Script

Individual development of the literary script of a feature film from an own original idea, going through the different phases of literary creation (synopsis, treatment, versions). Making a teaser of the project that will serve as a sales tool along with the dossier.

Showrunner Dossier

Group creation of a fiction series: development of the project bible/sales dossier and the script of the pilot chapter that includes production design and teaser.

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