Master in Film and TV Production

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Master in Film and TV Production

Map of studies
Master in Film and TV Production

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
The new program Masters of Cinema TAI proposes a highly professionalizing methodology based on the concepts of workshop and portfolio.
The idea of ​​the Workshop delves into the processes and modes of professional practice, turning them into intensive training in cinematographic trades.

The Portfolio is the most important business card of the arts professional, a declaration of intent and a sample of mastery of the trade.
  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common Basic Training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External Practices
  • RAC – Credit Recognition
  • TFG – Final Degree Project


Contemporary Film Narratives

Transversal content that aims to approach the most current trends in cinematography from a narrative and aesthetic perspective. Critical analysis of audiovisual works establishing interdisciplinary connections with other arts, authors and means of expression. Work on technical-philosophical concepts that help promote reflection and audiovisual creation.

Field Production

Applied technologies: Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling. Personalized design of templates, budget items, formal documents, equipment configuration, calendars, production design, production on set, production closure.

Creative Processes and Workflows

Analysis of the methodologies and work processes of the main departments involved in a production from the point of view of the professionals in the direction, camera, art and sound departments.

Script Analysis

Analytical reading of the script from the knowledge of the structures of the fiction as well as the archetypes and generic anchors.

Audiovisual Media Law

Intellectual property law and its essential implications in the creation and production of audiovisual works.


Executive Production Workshop

The figure of the executive producer in works of fiction and non-fiction. Relations with audiovisual entities and organizations. National and international co-production. Communication plans and strategies and management of agreements with large suppliers. Monitoring the development of the dossier of a personal project.

TV Series Production Workshop

The production of TV series and its processes: production designs, work plans, project analysis, development phases, budgets, documentation, contracting, promotion and exploitation. Referential study of the transformations of the sector and the figure of the showrunner.

Advertising Production Workshop

The production of advertising films from the general knowledge of the business. Processes, strategies and work methodologies of the advertising company, the advertising agency and the production company.

Postproduction, Animation and Videogames Workshop

Approach to the means, technologies and phases of post-production in order to acquire the necessary skills to select suppliers, budget, negotiate, contract and coordinate the different processes (editing, color grading, VFX, Motion Graphics, music production and sound post-production). . 3D creation, animated film production and the video game industry.

Marketing and Transmedia Workshop

Essential keys to marketing and their practical application in the audiovisual industry. Digital environments, their business models and the functional characteristics of social media. Conceptual approach to Big Data and Business Intelligence. Transmedia communication and expanded narratives through their strategies and case studies.

National and International Distribution Workshop

Characteristics of the distribution company and the operation of the national and international audiovisual markets. Analysis of sales contracts, presentation strategies and logistics of festivals according to their scope and category. Tour of the online distribution platforms in which students can operate to register their pieces in festivals.

Project development tutorials

Knowledge of the different phases of project preparation to optimize results and develop leadership skills. Learn to work as a team attending to work processes and calendars. Application of the acquired knowledge to a real project.

Industry, Business and Career Development

Masterclasses focused on personal brand development and portfolio configuration. Masterclasses with relevant industry professionals.


Fiction short film (or teaser for a TV series)

Development of a fiction short film (or a teaser for a fiction series) that constitutes the main and obligatory project for all the students of the program masters.

Advertising (branded content, fashion film or video clip)

Development of an advertising piece in any of its variants (branded content, fashion film or video clip). This project is linked to one of the optional modules provided in the master.

Creation documentary (or experimental short film)

Development of a non-fiction piece in any of its variants (creation documentary or experimental short film). This project is linked to one of the optional modules provided in the master.

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