Master in Direction of Cinematography

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Master in Direction of Cinematography

Map of studies
Master in Direction of Cinematography

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common basic training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External internships
  • RAC – Academic recognition of credits
  • TFG – Final degree project


Contemporary Film Narratives

Transversal content (common for several masters) that seeks an approach to the most current trends in cinematography from a narrative and aesthetic perspective.

Aesthetics and Image

Approach to aesthetic concepts, referents of photography, evolution of trends and the way in which the word is transformed into an image, incorporating rhetorical elements and discursive strategies.

Technology and mechanics. The camera

A technical journey into the operation and evolution of film cameras from their mechanical conception to the development of digital cinema. From the negative to the archive. Shutters, sensors, recording modes and menus.

DIT (Digital Image Technician)

Tour of DIT processes and workflows through knowledge of codecs, capture systems, color spaces, vectorscopes, waveforms, encoding and file storage.

Light Engineering

The world of light sources and all their equipment with an essential approach to applied electricity and safety at work.


Camera Workshop

The camera department and its trades (2nd operator, camera assistant, camera assistant and focus puller). Creative filming applied to the different languages ​​of audiovisual narrative. Practical work sessions.

machine shop

Introduction to the essential machinery for filming. The use of cranes on tracks or on pneumatic wheels with an approach to hot head systems operated by remote control.

Cinematography Workshop

Conceptual section that addresses technical/artistic issues and a practical section that addresses the essential aspects of film photography from the resolution of real cases.

Steadycam Workshop

Immersion in the technique and narrative of filming with steadycam with an eminently practical approach.

Advertising Photography Workshop

The world of advertising photography in its different stylistic territories.

Grading and color correction workshop

An expanded vision of photography of high professional value through training with DaVinci Resolve. Essential concepts of color psychology, skin treatment, motion effects, looks, textures, naturalistic grading, advertising grading and color management.

Industry, Business and Career Development

Masterclasses focused on personal brand development and portfolio configuration. Masterclasses with relevant industry professionals.

Project Development Tutorials

Group tutorials (students from the same class and degree), individual tutorials (personalized follow-up) and transversal tutorials (students from different degrees of master).


Fiction Short Film

Development of a fiction short film that constitutes the main and obligatory project of the Masters TAI.

nonfiction short film

To choose between (both projects are linked to one of the optional modules provided in the master):
- Fashion film or music video: development of an advertising piece in any of its variants.
- Creative documentary or experimental short film: development of a non-fiction piece in any of its variants.

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