Diploma in Costume and Fashion Design

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Diploma in Costume and Fashion Design

Map of studies
Diploma in Costume and Fashion Design

  • ECTS – European Credit Transfer System
  • OB – Mandatory
  • FB – Basic training
  • FBC – Common Basic Training
  • FBR – Basic Branch Training
  • PE – External Practices
  • RAC – Credit Recognition
  • TFG – Final Degree Project

Course 1

Fundamentals of Fashion Design

Design fundamentals and references, development of creative procedures for fashion design, methodologies applied to design, technical study. Study of shape and color in the creative process. Project phases in fashion design.

Textile Lab I

Study of textile materials, introduction to natural, synthetic and chemical fibers. Manipulation of fabrics and wardrobe setting.

Applied Vectorial Drawing

Introduction to Illustrator and Autocad tools for the development of flat designs. Digital pattern making and technical drawing applied to design.

Pattern Making and Tailoring I

Pattern making techniques: base patterns and their transformations. Introduction to clothing: types of seams, manufacturing, assembly of garments and basic finishes.

Creative Modeling

Introduction to the bases of moulage/draping on a mannequin: draping, pleating and other applied techniques. Glazilla development. Experimental pattern.

Art and Fashion

Influence of art history on fashion. Analysis of silhouette, materials, fabrics, techniques and its evolution through the history of the suit. Learning specific technical vocabulary. Fashion sociology.

Dramaturgy and Script

Text analysis. Subtraction of information for the beginning of the development of research in creative project processes. Analysis of situation and character.

Costume Design

Manual and digital drawing and illustration techniques (Photoshop and Indesign) for the creation of artistic costumes. Application of knowledge through the means and techniques of representation in the proportions of the human body. Quick drawing techniques. color theories. Representation of the different fabrics, textures.


CREATION OF AUDIOVISUAL COSTUME for a film practice shot in collaboration with the students of the Diploma in Cinematography.
CREATION OF STAGE COSTUME for stage creations in collaboration with the students of the Diploma in Audiovisual and Stage Interpretation.

Course 2

Advanced Fashion Design

Research for the development of imaginaries and creative processes. The sketchbook, sketchbook. Technical sheets. Translation of the design from the sketch to reality. Creation of commercial collection.


Brand identity. Idea and development of own brand. Research and experimentation methods. Creation of personal collection.

Textile Lab II

Textile creation techniques, traditional and digital printing techniques. Textile dictionary creation.

3D Design and Digital Prototypes

Management of CLO3D and Blender to apply 3D design techniques. Design and development of digital prototypes based on pattern making knowledge.

Pattern Making and Tailoring II

Tailoring and advanced pattern making and clothing techniques. Application of advanced finishes and haute couture techniques.

Fashion and Visual Communication

Marketing and Communication. Critical knowledge of contemporary art and its influence on different cultural currents and fashion trends. Critical interpretation of a fashion image and its components.

Fashion Trends

Study of current fashion trends. Market analysis. Creation of the trend book as a creative tool. Creation of critical awareness of aesthetic currents, based on the recognition of the trends that influence it.

Digital Photography

Handling and use of camera. Applied lighting techniques. Photographic retouching in the fashion industry and its practical application in the creation of the image. The fashion image, its use and professional manipulation.

Fashion Film

Digital video, recording and formats. Digital video editing programs. Fashion film multimedia project. Script and storyboard.

Project: Design and Collection

Personal fashion collection development project: from the creative process to the creation of prototypes and the final portfolio dossier.

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