Mobility Programs

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Mobility Programs

Mobility programs

TAI is in contact with educational institutions around the world

In order to promote mobility programs, both the students of TAI who wish to complete their studies during a semester or a year outside of Spain, as well as for students who want to come to Madrid, to TAI.

SEPIE Erasmus+

Erasmus+ and world

These programs are also available to faculty and staff, in both directions between partner institutions and TAI, promoting in our students an open vision as well as the exchange of knowledge and artistic processes.

For any questions or queries, contact the International Department at

Incoming students

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Study at art universities around the world!

Are you interested in coming to TAI as an exchange student? Do you want your university to develop an exchange agreement with us? Write us at

If you are at a university outside of Spain and you take part in the Erasmus+ or Munde exchange programme, you can come to TAI to study one of our official university degrees.

We are looking forward to living your artistic experience in Madrid developing and putting your creativity into practice.

Keep in mind that in order to perform a exchange program with us TAI and your University has to have previously an agreement established exchange. For the development of new agreements contact us and your home university to see the possibility of establishing a new agreement in  and our International Department will be delighted to assist you.

Remember that in TAI all our courses are taught in Spanish Therefore, a minimum level of B1 is desirable, with a B2 level being the most ideal for a better understanding of the classes. However, we study each case individually. We are looking forward to living your experience TAI in Madrid developing and putting your creativity into practice.

Your university can find here some useful information on our Mobility Programs:


To apply for an exchange place in TAI first you had to be nominated by your university, with which TAI You must have previously established an exchange agreement.


These are the documents you need to send us to process your application and exchange in TAI:

  • Application form filled out and signed.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • grade history
  • Motivation letter
  • personal portfolio*
  • passport copy

Send all documentation to


Your portfolio is your cover letter. The extension must be taken care of, rewarding quality for quantity. This should include materials related to your projects and their creation processes. It is recommended to specify what role or tasks you have developed in each of the projects, in addition to including a brief critical analysis of them. You can send us your portfolio in PDF format. In the case of multimedia material, open links to Vimeo, YouTube or WeTransfer may be included.


The deadlines for submitting applications are as follows depending on which semester you want to study:

  • All year or First Semester: April 30
  • Second semester: September 30

Outgoing students

Study at art universities around the world!

Depending on the program they are taking, students TAI They can enjoy periods of exchanges in other institutions of the arts around the world, taking advantage of various modalities.

Erasmus + 

The Erasmus+ program provides undergraduate students of the qualifications TAI study one or more semesters at one of the European universities with which TAI has agreements.

These exchanges traditionally have and depending on the availability of European funds, with an economic endowment thanks to the Erasmus + Scholarships provided by the European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Erasmus+ is the European program in the fields of education, training, youth and sport.

A unique program that seeks to boost job prospects and personal development, as well as helping our education, training and youth systems to provide teaching and learning that equips people with the skills they need for the job market and society current and future.

In the educational field, Erasmus+ aims to modernize and improve Higher Education in Europe and the rest of the world and offers multiple opportunities to students from all over the world, helping them to improve their skills and employment prospects.

The MUNDE program manages mobility with universities from countries not included in the Erasmus+ programme.

The possibility of obtaining a scholarship or economic endowment and its amount depends in each case on the agreements with the universities, countries or entities that sign it, but in most cases it is usual that this endowment does not usually accompany it.


Here you can find a list of the universities with which TAI has established a exchange agreement. This list is updated in each call:


TAI annually organizes Information Days for its students interested in being part of an Erasmus+ or Munde mobility program. The date of the sessions, the publication of the official call as well as all the necessary documents and requirements will be published on the Virtual Campus and will be communicated through the different communication channels with the student.


For more information about the application process and allocation of places, the different steps to follow, as well as other points to take into account, you can consult

Faculty and Staff

International faculty and staff from our partner universities visit TAI, while our faculty and staff travel to collaborating institutions to contribute their expertise.

International faculty and staff from our partner universities visit TAI to give workshops, workshops, masterclasses, develop research around the arts or to train in various subjects with us, providing students and our team with a new perspective.

Likewise, our professors and organizational staff also travel to collaborating institutions around the world to contribute their experience and at the same time learn about new trends and good practices to integrate into TAI from our point of view and way of educating in the arts.

We firmly believe that this type of experiential and formative exchanges by educators and teams from international artistic institutions, most of them also supported by the Erasmus program, help students, staff and the institutions themselves to open their sights to a global environment in the education of the arts in which we share many objectives, illusions and motivations.

Are you a teacher or staff of a higher educational institution of the arts and want to come to TAI for a training exchange? Write us at

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