TransMigrARTS – Arts workshop as a tool for change

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TransMigrARTS – Arts workshop as a tool for change


TransMigrARTS – Arts workshop as a tool for change




21 al 25 March
19 al 22 April


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  • 21/03/2022


March: 9:00- 14:00
April: 17:00-22:00


17:00 to 22:00.


School Headquarters TAI See map



Currently the number of migrants in the world continues to grow and human mobility has become one of the greatest challenges in the XNUMXst century.

THE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ARTS TAI Today, it is not only an avant-garde space and a reference for training in artistic disciplines in which creators from all over the world come together, but also a community in which we are convinced that research in the arts helps to transform and improve the ways of life of migrants who find themselves in situations of vulnerability in their countries of arrival.

It is in this context that we are part of TransMigrARTS, a research project of the European Union that seeks to create a methodology that allows the integration of different migrant communities through the arts.

TransMigrARTS arises with the purpose of establishing a network between cultural institutions, researchers and Spanish-speaking artists from Europe and Latin America with the aim of modeling socially innovative and transformative workshops that serve for said integration.


Inspired by social theater as an artistic movement that investigates the intersection of theater and society, relationships between people, the development of identity as a group, and performing arts as a tool for social change, these theater workshops aim to promote a constructive dialogue about migration and the casuistry derived from it.

From this approach, our perceptions, assumptions and culture will be questioned, in order to help understand and/or seek alternative solutions to situations of injustice and oppression.

According to Alter, the theater must be understood as part of the social culture that allows the individual to understand the reality that surrounds him. For Boal, it not only seeks to promote change, but also to involve the audience in said change.

The workshops will seek that the participants (of legal age) acquire and put into practice various theatrical techniques and other artistic fields that will allow them to obtain useful tools for their personal, professional and social development.

Along with activities in the artistic fields such as fine arts, music and photography, the starting point of the research will be the own creation from the theatrical semiotics in combination with elements of various theatrical techniques such as Brechtian epic theater, improvisation techniques, theater of the oppressed, playback, Grotowski's poor theater techniques and Rodari's storytelling, among others.

At the end of four days of training, the workshop will close with a presentation open to the public, in the form of a Forum Theater, which will stage the results of this artistic investigation focused on the problems derived from migration in order to involve the public and make them actively participate.

No training or experience in the field of arts is necessary, it will be a space for free creation.

Team organizer

Degree in Advertising and PR and Dramatic Art (RESAD).
MA in Communication and Sociocultural Problems.
MA in Theater History.
PhD in Communication, Education and Society with a thesis in Accessibility to the Theatre.

Doctor cum laude in Theater Studies from the Institut del Teatre and the Autonomous University of Barcelona
Senior Agricultural Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid
Master in Business Communication and Advertising from ESIC.
His areas of study focus on the different techniques of Interpretation as well as on pedagogy and scenic creation in transversal artistic contexts.

PhD in Art History from the University of Granada.
Master in Art History.
Knowledge and Protection of Historical Heritage.
Graduated in Art History from the University of Granada.

Degree in Textual Interpretation from the Superior School of Dramatic Art (RESAD).
Postgraduates in Classical Theater and Verse. Doctoral student.

The following professionals also participate in the artistic workshops in Madrid:

  • Sandra Cecilia Suárez (artist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Aline Vallim (artist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Oscar Daniel Pinzón (artist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Mario Montoya Castillo (philologist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Enver Vargas (sociologist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Adrián José Perea (sociologist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Paula Espinoza (artist) Anachronique, France
  • Hegoa Garay (artist) Anachronique, France
  • Rafael Antonio Acero (artist) UDFJC (Francisco José de Caldas District University), Colombia
  • Xanath Bautista (artist) UDEA (University of Antioquia), Colombia

Themes of the sessions

  • Demonstrate the ability of the arts to innovate socially.
  • Stimulate the creation of an international community around research-creation.
  • Observe, evaluate, model and implement transformative art workshops
  • Transform damage.


April workshop:
(Aimed at people from outside Madrid)

Institutions that carry it out

Institutions TransMigrARTS | Investigation

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