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10:00 to 19:30.


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Research session | 26 NOV


Research and teaching in art from a practical perspective is becoming a field of study and work that attracts an increasing number of not only artists but also teachers and researchers from different fields, academic and artistic. The concept of art-based research It is a global term that presents different approaches related to artistic creation from its practical base as a research method and as a teaching methodology. This methodology aims to understand artistic practice in its multiple manifestations as a method of creation but also of research and training. Present in a multitude of disciplines such as writing, performing arts, music or audiovisuals, the idea of art-based research it is increasingly present in those institutions that have made the arts the center of their creative and teaching practice.

These Conferences that we are now launching between the University Institute of Educational Sciences (IUCE) and the University School of Arts TAI They aim to bring us closer to those needs, intuitions but also challenges that we as teachers and creators face in our usual practice with special attention in educational contexts. This interdisciplinary event aims to bring together those interested in both research and training in the field of Art-based research.

Team organizer

Maria Luisa Ortega – IUCE

PhD in Philosophy, Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Academic Secretary of the University Institute of Educational Sciences (IUCE) at the Autonomous University of Madrid. she directs sequences. Film History Magazine and co-directs, with Alicia Luna, the Master's Degree in Film Script, TV Series and Playwright. She has participated in numerous collective books, such as The Grierson Effect: Tracing Documentary's International Movement (2014) 68 and cinema in Latin America (2015) The Routledge Companion to Latin American Cinema (2017) Connaît-on la chanson? Usages of the chanson in the cinemas of Europe and Latin America after 1960 (2019) o Documentary cinema. An aesthetic and political crossroads Contemporary inquisitions to the audiovisual system, (2020); she is editor, among others, of Mystere Marker. Passages in the work of Chris Marker (2006) Direct cinema. Reflections around a concept (2008) and Le New du Cinema Argentina, (2015). She has been a programmer for film festivals Document Madrid (Madrid International Documentary Film Festival) and Southern Cinemas (International Film Festival of Granada). Currently, she coordinates the line of research "Audiovisual and artistic cultures in educational spaces" (IUCE-UAM), is part of the Research Group "Devisiones. Discourses, genealogies and practices in contemporary visual creation” (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters-UAM) and the team of the research project “The public of art and contemporary visual culture in Spain. New forms of collective artistic experience since the sixties” (PID2019-105800GB-I00).

Marta Snack –IUCE

Trained in contemporary dance at the RCPD in Madrid and holds a PhD from the UPM with the thesis “Analysis of space in theatrical dance”. Visiting Researcher at the Open University (UK) with a project on Research from Artistic Practice, member of the University Institute of Educational Sciences (IUCE) at the Autonomous University of Madrid, collaborating on the project "Audiovisual and artistic cultures in educational spaces formal, non-formal and informal”, is also part of the Dance and Society Research Group (UCAM). She has been a teacher in Higher Education since 2012. She has worked at the European University of Madrid, the María de Ávila Higher Conservatory of Dance, the Reina Sofía Higher School of Music and she is currently a professor at Nebrija University. Her latest publications focus on artistic practice as research: The body in place included in the book Videodance Studies: Analysis and Evolutions (2021), Performative research in doctorates in dance in Spain (2020), in collaboration with Inma Álvarez (OU) included in the book La investigación en Danza (Mahali), and Architecture + camera: extended stages for dance. (2019) conference with Kepa Landa at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Elena SV Flys - TAI

PhD from the UAH with a thesis on theater accessibility for people with disabilities. She combines her teaching work with her research focusing on accessibility, audience development and the role of theater as an agent of social change. Thanks to various research projects, she has designed the accessibility of shows both in Spain and in the US. Latest publication: «Accessibility Design as part of the Arts Curriculum» was published in Nov. 2020 in Encatc Scholar.

Nieves Moreno – TAI

Nieves Moreno is a Doctor in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies from the University
Autonomous University of Madrid, specializing in Japanese Cinema. At the same university he conducted a
Master in Film History. She also holds a double major in Dramatic Studies and
East Asian Studies. Her interest and specialty in Japanese culture has led her to
carry out various research stays at Waseda University in Tokyo, thanks to the
support of the scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
Technology from the Japanese Government, as well as those offered by the Japan Foundation. Currently
combines his professional work as a teacher of Cinematography and Performing Arts at the School
University of Arts TAI of Madrid, with his research work in Sequences, Revista de
History of Cinema from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Themes of the Day

  • Methodology: artistic practice as an academic research method.
  • Challenges in artistic education. Creative freedom and teaching regulations.
  • Postgraduate training in artistic education.
  • Competence designs and evaluation (rubrics, characteristics of TFMs, doctoral theses, etc.)
  • Artistic doctoral programs: admission criteria, supervision procedures, thesis formats -text/practice- and its archiving and dissemination of results.


This event has expired.

Institutions that Organize

University Institute of Education Sciences (IUCE) of the UAM

University Institute of Education Sciences (IUCE) of the UAM

Research team: Audiovisual and artistic cultures in educational spaces

University School of Arts TAI | Group: GIAT (Artistic Research Group TAI)

University School of Arts TAI

Group: GIAT (Artistic Research Group TAI)

Calendar of the day

Calendar of the day
Presentation 1: Selina Blasco10:30-11:30
Round Table 1: Artistic Research and Higher Education12:00-13:30
Presentation 215:30-16:30
Round Table 2: Development and supervision of research papers16:30-18:00
Closing and prospecting18:00-18:30

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