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International Projects

International artistic projects

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We connect students with artists from all over the world.

TAI develops international artistic projects with other universities and creative centers.

From Italy to the United States, passing through England or Germany, among other destinations, these unique international opportunities are developed for the academic, professional, and personal growth of students, generating unique academic, cultural, and social experiences.

Blood Wedding, Federico García Lorca between London and Madrid

Performing Arts students at London South Bank University and TAI revisit the iconography of the play 'Blood Wedding' (Blood Wedding) by Federico García Lorca, inspired by the author's message of freedom and social conscience and through a work in progress creative process, with performances in London and Madrid, winning the Audience Award at the International Youth Festival Kingston.

Documenta, Contemporary Art in Kassel

The Visual Arts students have had the opportunity to develop their own contemporary artistic creation projects at the festival Documenta Kassel. An artistic event recognized worldwide, for which TAI students worked throughout the course, with the theme of art as a vector of social change, which culminated with their visit and exhibition of their works in Germany, being part of the programming of the festival.

Body Sound Division, multidisciplinary artistic creation in Rome and Madrid

Thanks to artistic practice Body Sound Division and from the Visual Arts, Photography, Fine Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Cinema, a group of students from the Italian universities Saint Louis Music Center Srl, RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, Accademia Nazionale di Danza, ISIA Roma Design and TAI They carry out artistic proposals of their own creation with exhibitions and final samples in Rome and Madrid.

Identity, scenic exploration from the United States to Madrid

Identity is a stage improvisation project, developed between Montclair University of New Jersey and TAI. Based on several acting workshop sessions, students from both institutions worked on exercises that guided the actors and actresses through various expressive forms to explore characters and literary texts focused on the theme of identity. This work culminated in a joint work in progress exhibition with students from the United States in Madrid.

Blood Wedding, Documenta y Body Sound Division are projects co-financed by several European Union programs.

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