Guest artists Lucas Vidal

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Guest artists Lucas Vidal

Lucas Vidal

The most important thing is to try to do what you like in life, fight for it, without barriers

soundtrack composer

"In TAI Everyone can develop and, furthermore, have a good time”

Music is a box that stores emotions. Nothing has more memory than a melody that remains attached to the brain. But it is also the explosion of the present moment, the impulse to movement, to joy; also tears. Music retains all times, from the present to the future. But for this you need artistic talent, the spark of sharpness, technique and creativity. Few are chosen. One of them is Lucas Vidal. 

Vidal has managed to seduce critics and reach the general public. And for that you have to have talent, of course, but also a special communication capacity, an ability to make music understood also with words. Lucas Vidal has shown that he is capable of stimulating emotions with words in the I find that we have been able to live in the School TAI.

The first step to develop an artistic career is illusion. Enthusiasm is undoubtedly essential, but the environment in which the artist is trained is also essential. And Vidal adds that this is what has been found in TAI"Here everyone can develop and also have a good time”, he highlighted.


Having a good time was precisely essential in building Lucas Vidal's career. Because for him music is a vocation, it is giving cadence to his emotions, but it is also joy, it is pleasure. No doubt he had a lot to do with the fact that music permeated the walls of his house from his earliest childhood. Not surprisingly, in a recent interview he recalled how while he played with his Lego, the musical thread of the adventures that came out of his childhood imagination was Wagner, Schumann or Ravel.

This predestination towards music was also influenced by his grandfather José Manuel Vidal Zapater, who was the founder of one of the most important distributors in Spain, Hispavox, which made some of the most popular musicians in Spain known, such as Raphael.

But for talent to become art, persistence and passion are also necessary: ​​“I think the most important thing is trying to do what you like in life, whatever it is.”. It is not always easy, but those who do not try, do not succeed: "Do it and fight for it, and there are no barriers, go full throttle".


And that fight against the difficulties, with the obstacles and this insistence offers results. Always following a mantra that is the only soundtrack to success "work, work and work”. Of course, without neglecting the importance of talent and creativity. Lucas Vidal is a good example of this. An Emmy and two Goya Awards recognize his talent in soundtracks.

The soundtrack of the film by Isabel Coixet Nobody wants the night awarded him a Goya at the 2016 gala for best original music. In the same year he repeated the award, in this case for best original song, for his composition in Palm trees in the snowby Fernando González Marina.

2016 was the year of awards for the Spanish musician. The composition of the theme song for ESPN at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics earned him an Emmy Award.


Lucas has made a name for himself in Hollywood, authoring movie soundtracks like Fast & Furious 6 o the riddle of the raven. But he has also worked on some of the most popular works of the new Spanish series, such as Midas' Favorites, Elite or the miniseries Tell me who I am.

Before reaching success, there was a time when Vidal was convinced that his love for music could become his profession. And that was when he went to the University of Berklee to train at just 16 years old. There he met young people with the same concerns, with his own love for music, with the same vocation to make music his life. train and connect.

And that personal experience gives him the authority to encourage young people with these concerns to start studying at an arts school like TAI. "Sometimes people make excuses that everything is very bad", says. “It may be true, but really, the one who follows it gets it. I think this has been the most important message in the talk that I have been able to give in TAI".


soundtrack composer


Lucas Vidal was born in 1984 into a family closely related to music. The sound captures his interest since, at only three years old, he begins to play the piano. With seven comes the turn to learn the transverse flute. It is in his adolescence when he has just decided to dedicate his life to music. At the age of 15, he goes to study at Berklee.

His talent does not take long to attract the attention of those responsible for the university, who award him a scholarship. At Boston's Berklee College of Music, he becomes the youngest student to compose and record a soundtrack. The young Lucas Vidal directs an orchestra with 80 components. He continues his studies at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. But he does not give up in his efforts to continue his training and studies with the celebrated composer Richard Danielpour.

His ability to generate musical atmospheres in cinematographic works led him to get the nomination for best new composer of the year by the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA). In 2012 he went down in soundtrack history by becoming the youngest composer to direct a Hollywood blockbuster. Nothing less than the soundtrack of the sixth installment of one of the most successful franchises in recent years: Fast&Furious.

His career in the Mecca of cinema does not stop growing, being one of the most valued composers in the industry. After his success in this great production, Vidal continues composing songs for major productions in the United States. Permanently settled in Los Angeles, he began working on films starring stars such as Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver or John Cusack.

In 2016 he won the Emmy Award for the music he performed for the ESPN network during the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.

From then on he began to reconcile his life in Spain and the United States. Along with Pablo Alborán, she won the Goya Award for best original song for her theme in the film Snow Palmeras in 2016. He also got it for the soundtrack of Nobody wants the night in the same year.

Start collaborating with some of the biggest names in popular music in Spanish like Raphael or Antonio Orozco. He also composes the music for one of Netflix's biggest hits, Elite. He is also in charge of recording the soundtrack of the series, also from Netflix, Once upon a time... but not anymore, directed by Manolo Caro, known especially for The House of Flowers.

In 2021, the Spanish TV Academy awards him the TV Academy Iris Award for his entire film career. Today, the future of Lucas Vidal sounds like a symphony full of nuances and with an international vocation.

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