Employment and Entrepreneurship

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Employment and Entrepreneurship

employment and entrepreneurship

We generate professional opportunities in the arts

We work to connect students and alumni with the artistic and creative professional world.

  • 84,36% employability rate among graduated students
  • 82,86% find a job within a year after finishing their studies
  • 45% of graduates have undertaken their own projects


We generate job opportunities for artists and creators with resources and tools focused on professional development. Internships, training, guidance and advice, mentoring, entrepreneurship support and connection with active industry professionals, are just some of the means that you can count on throughout your artistic training in TAI, such as once you have finished your studies.

Advice and guidance linked to the arts

We carry out a detailed analysis of your profile in relation to your professional goals and we advise you to create the curriculum that best suits the position that interests you.

Learn about resources specifically focused on preparing for job interviews and internship and job search techniques for Design your professional future based on your interests and aptitudes. 

We advise you on issues such as personal branding, visibility, legal, financial, marketing or project management aspects, among others.

Internships + Job Board

Access to an internship program More than 700 agreements with companies, institutions and professionals from the world of the arts and start gaining work experience while developing your training.

An added value to your studies that allows you to be in contact with the industry and obtain a global vision of the functioning of labor dynamics in the art and culture market.

In addition, you also have a employment bank linked to artistic education through which you will find various opportunities in companies that are looking for young talents for professional projects among the new generations formed in an artistic, diverse and multidisciplinary environment.


We encourage own initiative of our students, we provide tools and guide them in everything related to the start-up of a company and/or project, from the administrative and economic-financial process, to marketing actions or the creation of a personal brand.

In addition, you have the option of practices in entrepreneurship, an exclusive modality of TAI that gives you the opportunity to make an audiovisual, artistic and/or business project a reality.

Thanks to entrepreneurship practices, we have developed more than 50 projects with theater companies, record labels, audiovisual production companies, design studios and photographic services, as well as creators' personal brand. These works have at all times advice and mentoring in the design and start-up of the company, communication strategy and brand positioning, logistical support and economic viability.

The PAROXA company premieres its new work “PIETATEA. Have mercy on me"

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Cosmic Tree

Cosmic Tree, the audiovisual production company created by students TAI

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
Potpourri Producer

Potpourri: The production company that is revolutionizing the theater scene

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts
Ani Queen

Ani Queen: the musical artist who is conquering the stage

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The maxango

MAXANGO: the icon of the artist Pawave

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LANZA artistic residencies

The LANZA program of Artistic Residencies TAI Within the framework of the Arts Foundation, the objective is to EMPOWER AND SUPPORT THE PROFESSIONAL INITIATIVES OF OUR STUDENTS AND ALUMNI, providing the infrastructure, resources, advice and guidance necessary for this, and advocates for the inclusion of the Community TAI in the art industry.

A unique opportunity to advance individually or collectively in creative and artistic projects, taking advantage of both the spaces and the means available to the School to delve deeper into the work through intensive immersion.

Results of the first call (see here)

new acquaintances

Art grows: "New Acquaintances" opens its season at the Usina

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Fragile. Broken soul

"Fragile. Broken soul." Artist Residency TAI in summer 2023

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts

Alumni artistic residency TAI: The Provincial Company

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts

A.Crespo Barba: “The first spark of what it means for me to be a multidisciplinary artist ignited in my last stage in TAI"

Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound

Learn about the selected LANZA projects: the Artistic Residencies TAI

Student body TAI Student body TAI Student body TAI Student body TAI


The industry is linked to study programs in many ways, from teachers, active professionals, to creative projects carried out in collaboration or a multitude of meetings, workshops or master classes led by large companies and their teams, among many other actions.

In addition, we have degrees in Master developed since its conception together with major leaders in the sector, guaranteeing a bridge between training and the industry, such as Master in Musical Theater in collaboration with Stage Entertainment or Master in Postproduction and VFX in collaboration with Dare Planet.

Creative projects

Different entities in the artistic industry share their ideas with us. We encourage unique opportunities so you can collaborate and participate in the development of creative projects.


TAI, the only international school participating in Xiaomi Film Festival

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking

Audi supports new talent with the production of "Manos Libres" by alumni Pablo Fuentes

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking

TAI and Huawei come together to reward the best designers

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts

LEGAHO: 50th Anniversary TAI x Díaz-Phaes

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts

The premiere of the winning short film of “Madrid CREA tu CORTO”

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TAI X SONY: Participate in “Threads of Fear”

TAI x SONY: Participate in “Threads of Fear”, the innovative Sony Pictures project

Student body TAI Student body TAI Student body TAI Student body TAI

Student Gonzalo Jiménez, winner of the Honor Magic Moments contest by Honor x TAI

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Boost your professional career with TAI and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking

«TRANSITS»: the work of the students TAI in the Fnac Callao window

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We celebrated EMPLOYABILITY MEETINGS in which we connect employment opportunities with students to bring them closer to current labor market and selection processes, as well as their future projections.


Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi are looking for talent for Suma Content in TAI

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts

Employability meeting: USER T38, producer and post production studio

USER T38: Production company and post production studio. Employability meetingLearn how companies in the industry work. With the aim of linking our students to the audiovisual industry and bringing companies and their professionals closer to TAI the Employment and Entrepreneurship Unit invites students to a meeting with USER T38. One of the production companies and post-production studios, which uses animation techniques, VFX, 3D, among others, more referents in Spain. The appointment is on February 4, at 12 noon in TAI LAB and will feature a presentation by two members of the company. This is a talk with Vicente Ruiz de León, production manager and head of the film area, and Alfonso Casado Díez, VFX producer. This meeting will be mainly oriented towards employability in this increasingly emerging area of ​​cinema. Work flows in post-production and the integration of this phase in all those that correspond to an audiovisual project will be addressed. The participants will know the procedures that are carried out, the job profiles that are required in all phases, as well as the different skills that these profiles must possess. Alfonso Casado will share how the workflow is developed in USER T38 in cinema and animation and Vicente Ruíz de León will talk about work in fiction series in Globomedia and Mediapro.USER T38Company, founded in 2001, created as a production company and post-production studio , graphic design, animation, 3D and conceptual design. Since its inception, USER T38 has been interested in the research and development of new and unusual techniques within the film and advertising industries. Since then, User T38 has progressively grown to become a leading production company and post-production studio in Spain. Currently, User T38 has enough human and technical resources to face any aspect of the audiovisual creation process, even going so far as to create new workflows and standards in some cases. Goya winners for best special effects for the film "Handia". directors like Guillermo del Toro or Alejandro Amenábar have trusted his work.SpeakersAlfonso Casado Diez He began his career in the audiovisual industry focusing on the production branch. After going through the animation projects Wonder Park (Paramount Pictures, 2019) and Mr. Trance (T3, El Recreo Studio, 2019), he joined the User T38 team as coordinator for Color Out of Space. He currently works as a VFX producer in fiction and advertising projects. In 2020 he founded the production company Meh Producciones, with which they began to develop their first animated feature Pepino the Accordionist in co-development with the Portuguese Sparkle Animation. His latest project, Wayback by him (USER T38, Meh Producciones, LAMAE, 2020), of which he is executive producer, was nominated for the 36th Goya Awards in the category of Best Animated Short Film and is currently on the festival circuit. . Vicente Ruíz de León At just twenty-two years old, he wrote his first feature film Tales of a Dreamer, a very personal project that embodies his conception of cinema as a director. A year later, after creating his own Lost Generation Film Production Company, he studied Digital Cinema at the CICE school where he directed his first short film Sexo, Mentiras y Bang Bang. In 2011 he finished his studies as a Senior Image Technician and began his professional career. as a camera assistant at Steadycam Factory SL, participating in various film and television projects. Among them, fiction series such as Cuéntame, Los Protegidos, El Barco, Luna, Toledo and Águila Roja stand out. His latest works, Daño Collateral (2013) and No, Si No Es Eso (2014), are characterized by the care of technical means, emphasizing assembly and photography, traits that identify his style. In 2016 he made a master editing and focuses his career on post-production, going through different positions, ending up in 2020 joining Globomedia as post-production coordinator for I'm Alive and then for Express (the Mediapro Studios). Come and learn about the work of one of the most recognized production companies and post-production studios of the moment! If you want to attend the meeting, fill in your information in this form:[gravityform id="83" title="true" description="true"]

Feb 4 2022
Postproduction Postproduction Postproduction Postproduction
Skydance Animation | Diary

Skydance Animation: Work on a 3D animated film

9 June 2021
Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts

PHotoESPAÑA, Discoveries 2022

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
Future You We Now

FUTURE YOU, the job fair for artists and creators

Community TAI Community TAI Community TAI Community TAI

The industry closer than ever

Community TAI Community TAI Community TAI Community TAI
4th Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair

The industry closer than ever: 4th Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair

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The connection between the industry and the classroom is also generated through meetings and collaborations with professionals, companies and brands. 

We organize meetings with active professionals throughout the academic year that allow knowing and experiencing the real operation and future projections of the national and international industry.

We provide students with the first contact with their references, connecting training in the classroom and the experience of guest artists.


TAI It is a great community that grows every day and provides a space for exclusive opportunities and collaborations that remain within your reach even after you have finished your studies. 

Our success depends on the achievements of all the students and alumni that make up the school. We promote the labor insertion of artists and creators, as well as permanent contact and collaboration networks that strengthen the prestige and social and artistic relevance of TAI. 

You will be able to continue counting on us through the artistic residency program, the guidance, advice and management service for job offers and access to meetings with companies and professionals or other employability events such as masterclasses or workshops, among other modalities.


Lucas Nabor: "It's important that the wheel keep turning, stay there with strong energy"

Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts Performing Arts

The singer Lia presents her first EP “Desaparezco”

Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound

Ediciones Posibles publishes "Cartographie Éphémère", the photographic work of the alumni TAI Mendia Echeverria

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts

Art grows: The alumni TAI, Joaquín Carmona, premieres “Last Wills”

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking

Discover «28», the student photography magazine TAI

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts
the one we know

El que sabem: a spectacular display of the talent of former students TAI that triumphs in festivals

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking
empty landscapes

Art grows: María Andrea Parra, Mauro Curti and Manuel Álvarez participate in the exhibition Paisajes vacíos de Santander

Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts

Art grows: Alba Herrera and Alejandra Gómez succeed with AIDA, a project that began as a Final Degree Project

Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking Filmmaking

Art grows: FANXE (F. Javier García) releases new music with his first album "Barroko"

Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound Music and Sound

employability platform

TAI has its own Employability Platform, a digital software used by the best universities around the world that facilitates the management of employability and entrepreneurship objectives.

The Employability Platform allows students to easily access calls for internships, the job market and the advisory and training service, among many other opportunities. Likewise, it allows companies to access the best creative talent for their projects.

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