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Intensive training to boost your artistic career

With our intensive training you will acquire specific skills and practical knowledge that will allow you to advance in your professional career.

You will develop the most in-demand skills in the audiovisual and artistic industry through an immersive methodology alongside outstanding active professionals.

Our bootcamps focus on developing talent and creativity in an innovative, practical, inspiring way that has a great impact on your employability.

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A new way of studying


You will be able to build a networking network in a multidisciplinary creative environment.

Up to 300 hours of intensive training in the most innovative areas of the audiovisual and artistic environment.

You will develop a final project for your professional portfolio.

Start: First quarter 2025
Modality: In-person (Madrid)

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Learn about the options that studying at the Greater Campus of the Arts in Madrid gives you.


What is a bootcamp?
It is a short-term intensive course designed to obtain practical skills that facilitate immediate access to the labor market.
Bootcamps are also a great opportunity to meet arts experts and professionals who are in contact with the reality of the industry and the most in-demand job needs in each sector.

How long does a bootcamp last?
The bootcamps of TAI They last between 225 and 300 hours spread over 15-20 weeks.

What is the difference between a bootcamp and a master?
Un master It has a longer duration, while a bootcamp takes place in a much shorter period (between 3 and 6 months).
Furthermore, the objective of the bootcamps is to obtain specific practical skills in a labor sector to cover the most in-demand professions on the market, while a master It implies a greater depth in both theoretical and practical content.

What employability does a bootcamp have?
Bootcamps are a type of training focused on covering specific needs that are demanded in the labor sector. Therefore, they are linked to high employability, since they offer intensive and practical training in strategic areas, facilitating access to multiple job opportunities.

Do I need previous experience to do the bootcamp?
No, our bootcamps have been designed so that anyone can tackle the content, regardless of their previous experience.

Can it be done online?
No, our bootcamps are in person in Madrid.

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