Blog New information sessions in Mexico and Bogotá

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Blog New information sessions in Mexico and Bogotá

New information sessions in Mexico and Bogotá

May 6, 2024
TAI briefings

The School TAI, the Largest Arts Campus in Spain travels to Mexico and Bogotá to offer you new information sessions

We crossed the pond to meet you! The University School of Arts TAI organizes new face-to-face meetings in Mexico City and Bogotá. The main objective is to bring our training offer and all the details about the experience of studying at the school to future students.

Dates for information sessions

  • Bogotá, Colombia: Thursday, May 16
  • Mexico City, Mexico: Saturday, May 18

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Learn about the options that studying at the largest Campus of the Arts in Madrid gives you.

What are the information sessions?

In the informative sessions, in addition to knowing in depth the School and Academic Offer, you will be able to solve all kinds of doubts and concerns regarding your training and professional interests. In addition, you will find out about the opportunities that you will find both in Spain and in Madrid, as well as the various options for professional practices, entrepreneurship y international mobility that the center offers. Also, we will tell you about the possibilities of employability in the artistic and audiovisual industry or the modalities of of which you have 

Likewise, during these meetings you will be able to meet teachers and coordinators of the different artistic areas of TAI who can advise you. The admissions team will also be present to resolve any type of doubt regarding the enrollment process, validation, homologation of studies, etc. 

About the University School of Arts TAI

Located in the heart of Madrid, TAI He has 50 years of experience in artistic training. More than 10.000 square meters of facilities and spaces designed for the training and development of artistic disciplines:

  • Film and TV sets equipped with the best professional equipment
  • dance halls
  • photography sets
  • recording studios and masterhoisting
  • multimedia classrooms
  • Hall
  • exhibition halls

Facilities | Painting and sculpture workshop

What can I study at the University School of Arts TAI from Madrid?

The University School of Arts TAI is a pioneer institution in the integration of the arts in the academic and university environment. You can study what you always wanted: Cinema, Performing Arts, Animation & Post-production, Music, Fine Arts and Photography.

  • Official University Degrees and Postgraduates
  • TAI-Certified Masters
  • Diplomas in all artistic disciplines

La unique and innovative methodology de TAI generates in each student a unique experience where the central axis of learning is the practice.

En TAI the projects go further and contemplate a interdisciplinary dimension, promoting the coexistence and joint work of students from various specialties to generate meetings and lasting collaborations for the professional future of the students.

Our methodology ensures a direct connection with the artistic and audiovisual industry through a practical, collaborative and integrating method of different artistic knowledge.

An experience beyond training

The training is completed with innumerable concerts, meetings, exhibitions, festivals, masterclasses, exhibitions, screenings, colloquiums and workshops, always from an interdisciplinary point of view. Also, its location in the middle of the art walk in Madrid It is a privileged enclave that allows students to benefit from the city's cultural spaces and activities.

The House of Artists: the first university residence created exclusively for artists

Our team will provide you with advice on accommodation in Madrid, introducing you to our student residence.

With an exceptional location in the heart of the Salamanca district, just 7 minutes by bike from TAI and the Retiro park, The House of Artists it connects with the key points of Madrid and is the only exclusive residence for art students in Spain. 

Come and see first-hand the experience of studying at the largest arts campus in Spain!

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