Blog Student Gonzalo Jiménez, winner of the Honor Magic Moments contest by Honor x TAI

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Blog Student Gonzalo Jiménez, winner of the Honor Magic Moments contest by Honor x TAI

Student Gonzalo Jiménez, winner of the Honor Magic Moments contest by Honor x TAI

October 26, 2023

Get to know Gonzalo Jiménez's project «Rodando Calles», winner of the 'The History' category within the framework of the Honor x Magic Moments contest TAI.

"Rodando Calles", according to the author, It is a project that reflects the feeling of freedom and madness in body and mind that skateboarding provokes, speed being one of the protagonists of this story.

Gonzalo Jimenez, student of Master of Photography and Camera Direction, has won the Honor Magic Moments contest, after presenting his work in photographic series format in the History category

Stakeboarding is a sport in which pleasure and pain go hand in hand. Using a quick shutter, everything freezes, time stops and the uncertainty of whether or not to do a trick is the protagonist. Everything can end in a second.

Through the collaboration agreement of the University School of Arts TAI and Honor Technologies Spain, the Visual Arts students, were able to access a workshop on creating professional photographic content and then participate with their materials in the Honor Magic Moments Contest through a special category for students TAI.

The workshop was held around the latest generation smartphone: the Honor Magic Pro 5 and was taught by the Honor team: Juan Pinate, Training Manager; Jorge Redondo, Advertising content creator; and Gonzalo Donoso, Digital Marketing Manager.

Among the topics of the workshop, the following have been proposed:

- How to run advertising campaigns with the latest Honor smartphone product and content creation by creators (workflow, preparation, briefs…)
- Creation of content for brands like Honor and how some creators have gradually managed to become “official creators” of their products.

To each participant TAI Aimed to participate in the Workshop, he was granted an Honor Magic Pro 5 smartphone on loan to create artistic content and present his work to the Contest. Thus, Gonzalo Jimenez was the winner of the "The History" Section and has been awarded with a state-of-the-art mobile phone, a trip and the visibility that the brand has given to his work.

Congratulations on this opportunity, Gonzalo!

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