Blog VERSE: Space for Diversity

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Blog VERSE: Space for Diversity

VERSE: Space for Diversity

February 10

A point of support, meeting and reflection for the entire community TAI in its commitment to inclusion, diversity and free expression of the different identities that make it up.

A safe space to talk on different social and current issues, from cultural diversity to non-normative bodies, affective-sexual relationships, feminisms or sex-gender identities.

Organize open talks and gatherings to debate, learn and mature together as diverse people.


  • inform and initiate dialogues through talks or posts on social media.
  • Organize gatherings and open assemblies, on a monthly basis, where different topics are discussed (sexism in the arts, cultural diversity, LGTBIQ+ themes, etc.), creating a safe and open space for any student of TAI.
  • Express freely express ideas and feelings about situations that interest us, make us uncomfortable or annoy us.

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