Blog How to get a scholarship to study in Spain?

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Blog How to get a scholarship to study in Spain?

How to get a scholarship to study in Spain?

August 22 2023
scholarship to study in Spain

Find out how you can get a scholarship to study in Spain and live a new exciting and enriching experience

Studying abroad is an enriching experience that can open both academic and professional doors. Spain, with its rich cultural heritage and excellent educational institutions, is a desired destination for international students. However, financing an education abroad can be expensive, which is why there are scholarships and grants that can make this experience more affordable.

Scholarships and Grants for International Students in Spain

In Spain, there are various funding opportunities for international students who wish to study at their academic and artistic institutions. These scholarships and grants come from multiple sources, such as the government, universities, private entities...

Scholarships from the Ministry of Education

The Government of Spain offers scholarships for international students through the Ministry of Education that can cover tuition, living and accommodation expenses, etc. depending on the selection criteria.

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One of the most popular for students who are not part of the European Union are the Scholarships MAEC-AECID, offered by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation).

Scholarships from associations and private companies

In addition to the Ministry's scholarships, there are others offered by other associations or companies, including:

  • Carolina Foundation Scholarships: annual scholarships to promote the expansion of studies of university graduates, as well as the specialization and updating of knowledge of students, professors, researchers, artists and professionals from Latin America and members of the Ibero-American Community of Nations and Portugal.
  • Santander Scholarships: you can access one of the 769 scholarships of €1.000 offered by Santander for Bachelor's or Master's students for the 2023/2024 academic year.

University Scholarships

The University School of Arts TAI offers a series of grants, scholarships and financing for students interested in studying arts in Spain.

Many private and public Spanish universities offer specific scholarships for international students. These scholarships can vary in terms of eligibility and amount, so it is important to research the options available at the institutions of your interest.

Scholarships for Artistic Talent in Spain

Spain is known for its rich artistic tradition, and offers scholarships for talented students in various artistic disciplines, such as music, dance, visual arts, and theatre. A prominent example is the scholarship The Caixa for graduate studies in arts and humanities, which supports emerging artists.

Scholarship and aid search engines

There are some web pages that help in the search for scholarships and aid such as Bcas or the search engine of the Government of Spain.

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Requirements and Deadlines to Apply for a scholarship in Spain 

Before applying for a scholarship in Spain, it is essential to understand the common requirements and deadlines. These requirements typically include:

  • Academic Qualifications: You must demonstrate a strong academic record. Most scholarships require a minimum GPA or outstanding scores on standardized tests.
  • Documentation: You need to prepare a series of documents, which may include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.
  • Language Level: If the program is taught in Spanish, it is likely that you will need to demonstrate your proficiency in the language through exams such as the DELE.
  • Regarding the deadlines, it is essential to pay attention to the application dates, which usually vary depending on the scholarship and the institution. For example, applications for Ministry of Education scholarships are generally due at the beginning of the year.
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