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Blog TAI commitment to a free and safe space

TAI commitment to a free and safe space

August 28 2023

TAI It is committed to a free and safe space where each of its students can express themselves without prejudice and without complexes. 

respect for the equality and diversity, the awareness in mental health, as well as the fight against any type of harassment is one of the main challenges of the community that makes up the university school.

For this reason, it has made several channels available to you so that you can communicate or speak in person: the Support and Attention Department, which forms part of the Student Attention and Care Unit (, the platform for Equality called VERSE (, made up of students and alumni; and the advice and collaboration of the Foundation in Action against Harassment.

To guarantee a free and safe space for our entire community, the first step is to know what is happening, that is why we have a Protocol for Prevention & Action Against Harassment.

Do not hesitate, if you need it, speech.

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