Blog The PAROXA company premieres its new work “PIETATEA. Have mercy on me"

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Blog The PAROXA company premieres its new work “PIETATEA. Have mercy on me"

The PAROXA company premieres its new work “PIETATEA. Have mercy on me"

November 16, 2021

PIETATE. Have mercy on me, the second stage project of PAROXA, the company formed by former students of TAI, is presented in the room El Umbral de Primavera

Three years ago, the members of the PAROXA company were taking courses in Performing Arts, Cinema and Photography at the University School TAI. United by their artistic interests and their need to express themselves, they have fully immersed themselves in the creation of their own theatrical pieces. The first result of that creative drive has been Plastic Looks, lto work prior to Pietatea. Have mercy on me. Both works have been represented in TAI within the framework of the Days to Take Action before making the leap to professional theaters.

Plastic Looks, who was present at the first edition of Go to Action, He later arrived at the Off Latina room with his definitive version. The piece, which has editing, music and original text, has had the support of the collective Ars Guerrilla de TAI. For this work, the actor and former student of the Javier de Luis school has been awarded for his performance at the Buero Theater Awards after its premiere in 2020. 


PAROXA, brings, on this occasion, the work PIETATEA. Have mercy on me to The Threshold of SpringThe original idea, from the former student Amaia Azkue, arises from drama classes in TAI. Later, the text has taken shape with the essays and together with the playwright Natalia García-Casarrubios, also a former student. According to the members of this company, “PAROXA has received -and continues to receive- the professional support of teachers from TAI as Marika Perez and Victor Velasco”. Continuing with this example of support, the PAROXA team has received students from TAI for internships and has collaborated on projects in other disciplines at the school. 

Synopsis of "PIETATE. Have mercy on me"

Pietatea (Have mercy on me) is the story of Dorianne and Ane, who play at jumping graves on Friday afternoons. The undertaker haunts the cemetery, working on his chores. He watches them as he glances at the sign that says "Public Warned No Climbing On Graves."

After the loss of her best friend, Dorianne begins the arduous task of growing up, trying to escape the nostalgia that those afternoons with Ane produce in her. She will find herself face to face with life itself and will try to avoid maturity without caring about the victims she leaves along the way: people who are infected with an apparent joy of living, but who soon, hand in hand, will find themselves thrown to vacuum.

A play about the loss of innocence; the loss of discovery as a motor of life; and about how sometimes the only thing that is needed to find it again is to see the infinite in the finite.


Team of PIETATE. Have mercy on me

DIRECTION and TEXT: Amaia Azkue 

DRAMATURGISM: Natalia García-Casarubios

SCENERY: Amalia Elorza




Camila Feminie 

javier de louis

Natalia Madele

Cristina Masoni

Cesar Von Rom

AUDIOVISUALS: Luis Muñoz and his team of "The Sardine Strike"

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mateo H. Costa 

This work takes the stage of El Umbral de Primavera in Lavapiés, the Saturdays November 20 and 27 at 21: 30h

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