Blog Art grows: «Peccata Minuta», by Cristina Abelló, in the Circle of Fine Arts

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Blog Art grows: «Peccata Minuta», by Cristina Abelló, in the Circle of Fine Arts

Art grows: «Peccata Minuta», by Cristina Abelló, in the Circle of Fine Arts

April 17

Peccadillo, a workshop on failure created and directed by Cristina Abello, former student TAI from the Cinema area

"Nobody talks to us about failure, whenever a talent visits a school they talk about their achievements and everything good, but the reality is that before success, everyone experiences failure." Cristina Abelló, Mía as an artistic name, presents Peccata Minuta, a workshop on professional failure from a realistic and instructive perspective that will be available at the CBA from April 17 to 26.  

Peccata Minuta, Not just good practices, brings together six voices willing to tell their mistakes and failures during their professional careers. Singers, writers, actresses, illustrators, screenwriters, cinematographers, journalists, film producers who meet, not with the aim of debating what success or failure is, but to try to turn their failures into a source of inspiration, not of remorse.

Program Peccadillo

Itziar Castro and Maria Pelae

Esty Quesada (I'm a sucker) and Enrique Lavigne

Pablo R. Coca and Travis Birds

 Asaari Bibang and Manuel Burque

Biography Cristina (Mine) 

Cristina abelló

He was born in Barcelona in 1988. From a very young age he began to relate to cultural creation and its industry, developing his own projects and helping to make those of others a reality. This allowed him to gain an in-depth knowledge of both the infrastructures and the content and agents of the broad field that comprises Catalan culture and arts. Four years ago he decided to move to Madrid and bet on new professional challenges.

She has a degree in Information and Documentation from the UOC, an Official Master's Degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona and Master in Film and TV Series Production by the University School of Arts TAI. She has been in production for more than 10 years. He has worked on audiovisual projects for Netflix, Amazon Prime or TVE, and has been part of the team at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, the Goya Awards, the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, Primavera Sound, among others.

She is interested in initiatives that provide citizens with spaces for dialogue and reflection on philosophical, poetic and feminist thought.

Synopsis Peccata Minuta

Most of us prefer not to take risks, not to be wrong, not to fail, that is, not to fail. Since when have we given the term failure the possibility of generating anguish, frustration, anxiety, fear? Why does thinking that we can be wrong paralyze us, self-destruct us, limit us? Why do we mythologize success, as if behind what we consider that to be, there had been no falls along the way? Why do we recognize the right of others to be wrong and we do not allow it?

Peccata Minuta brings together voices willing to tell you about their mistakes in their professional careers. Singers, writers, actresses, illustrators. Scriptwriters, cinematographers, journalists, film producers. They are not going to debate what is success or what is failure, but they are going to try to turn those mistakes into a source of inspiration, not regret. They are going to narrate their experiences and they are going to put their bodies so that you can humanize failure and so that you can continue walking towards where you want. Perhaps, after listening to them, with less fear of being wrong.

Cristina abelló

alumni of Master in Film Production

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