Blog Introduce yourself to LANZA: the Artistic Residencies of TAI

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Blog Introduce yourself to LANZA: the Artistic Residencies of TAI

Introduce yourself to LANZA: the Artistic Residencies of TAI

November 30, 2023

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Unit de TAI, aimed at generating job opportunities for artists and creators, we present LANCE, the program of Artistic Residencies TAI: an opportunity within the framework of the Arts Foundation what are you looking for enhance and support the professional initiatives of our students and alumni before, during and after his professional and artistic life. 

With an annual call, this program supports projects related to entrepreneurship, artistic creation, actions in the industry and professional development, providing them with infrastructure, resources, advice and the necessary guidance for this.

Project requirements

The projects to be submitted to the call for Artistic Residencies They must be in an advanced stage of development and, individually or collectively, be susceptible to deepening their growth and impact to be presented in the national and/or international distribution and artistic exhibition circuit

Who is it geared towards?

This program goes aimed at students and alumni TAI who has previously acquired the necessary skills to carry out the development of a project of these characteristics

  • Final year students of the University Degree (4th) and Diploma (2nd) degrees

  • Students of Master

  • Alumni

What does the program offer?

With a duration included between one week and up to three months duration, the Artistic Residency program will be able to offer:

  • Mentoring by teachers and experts from the artistic industry.
  • Financial or logistical support to take a step forward in any of the project phases (sound editing; lighting, costume or set design; audiovisual post-production; masterization; graphic editing; printing of final copies,...)
  • Financial support for meals as well as for travel and/or accommodation, if necessary
  • Transfer of spaces: classrooms, rehearsal rooms for dance and performing arts, music studios, filming sets, photography sets, multimedia classrooms, Auditorium, etc.
  • Transfer of technical material: camera and lighting equipment, sound material, use of multimedia equipment, props, etc.

Documentation to present and call dates

To apply for the Residency program, sIt will be necessary to send a project dossier to The Artistic Residencies program offers up to a maximum of 5 projects in residence per call and will receive proposals from December 15, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

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