Blog KASSEL experience: TAI at the Documenta 15 festival

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Blog KASSEL experience: TAI at the Documenta 15 festival

KASSEL experience: TAI at the Documenta 15 festival

30 September, 2022

Documenta 15 hosts a performance by 6 young artists TAI

The 15th Edition of Documenta began in June with the help of the Indonesian group Ruangrupa, convening a meeting whose common thread was the capacity of the art as a driver of change. Countries, schools and people from different parts of the world meet in Kassel to see and exhibit their art. 

From the University School of Arts TAI, Natalia Colina, Juan Donado, Sara Muñoz, Alfonso Valero, Julieta Hsiung and Carmen Ameller travel to Documenta 15 to manifest your art and give all the artists and attendees a unique performance. All this thanks to funding supported by the European Union, within the Erasmus KA210 program.

Susanne Hesse-Badibanga, director of the Festival's education area, affirms that what is essential in art is to build bridges, “It's about sharing your energy, your presence and your knowledge. It is very important to experience art, not only as a product, but as a practice”

Quino Monje, head of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Digital Arts, understands this trip as a fantastic opportunity for the community of young artists from around the world. Being able to exhibit and project the most groundbreaking and contemporary art is essential to give a place to the new generation and there is no better place to do it than Kassel. "This is a great opportunity for the School to connect the students of the Degree in Fine Arts with artistic practice."


A project of the European Union

The Documenta project has been possible thanks to the management and application of the call KA210 of the Erasmus+ program, belonging to the European Union. It is a consortium of 4 international partners: Adolf-Reichwein-Gymnasium Germany, Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti, Iceland, Kobanyai Szent László Gimnázium, Hungary and University School of Arts TAI, Spain; being the Adolf-Reichwein-University-Gymnasium the Oenology for the general coordination y management of the money.

La FINANCING AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT de 60.000€ and received for the 4 members has been fundamental to be able to carry it out.

The KA210 call has as its main objective support citizenship active European dimension and bring the European dimension closer to the local level. In addition, it seeks to attract and expand access to the Program for start-up organizations, less experienced organizations and small-scale agents; and support the inclusion of groups recipients with fewer opportunities.

A project beyond creativity

Ángela Cuadra, project manager and teacher at the Faculty of Visual Arts, has worked with the 6 selected artists from the beginning to develop the best work possible.

According to Alonso Valero, the creative project that both he and his colleagues took to Kassel starts from and crystallizes the idea of ​​memories that it is not very clear if they have occurred or not.“The work is divided into several parts, we have a mural made of cloth, some sculptures that emit sounds, and a giant piece of yarn that we weaved with our arms and legs.”

After several sessions with Quino Monje and Ángela Cuadra, the young artists came to the conclusion that one of the fundamental objectives of their project should focus on break the barrier which is usually created between public and work in order to involve everyone who wanted and felt comfortable with it.


A unique and enriching experience

Susanne Hesse-Badibanga is clear that, from the Festival's education department, it is to generate situations and platforms in which the new generation artists they can participate and feel part of something that truly matters.

“It has been incredible, not only the experience at the festival, but we have been able to enjoy, within our own accommodation, an environment in which all the groups” said Natalia Colina. Their experience has not only been academic, but they have been able to find environments in which art and culture intermingle to create something totally different.

What is clear is that experiences like this help shape the professional personality of artists and, in their academic journey, they represent a unique opportunity that expands their network of contacts. Traveling, experimenting and creating with artists from all over the world is key to developing a professional artistic career, that is why the TAI School of the Arts fights to offer its students the necessary tools to achieve it.

“Documenta 15 has completely changed my perception of art” Juliet Hsiung

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