Blog FUTURE YOU, the job fair for artists and creators

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Blog FUTURE YOU, the job fair for artists and creators

FUTURE YOU, the job fair for artists and creators

June 17, 2022
Future You We Now

Within the framework of WE:NOW, the exhibition festival for young art open to revolutionary creative proposals, the FUTURE YOU job fair was held, an initiative focused on bringing the industry closer to creators and artists.

FUTURE YOU It's the job fair TAI that was born with the objective of linking young talents and the labor market. Its first edition has been held within the framework of the festival WE NOW and for this, it had the participation of large companies and institutions from different artistic areas that reported on HOW TO START WORKING IN THE PROFESSIONAL WORLD OF ARTS.

Sony Music Entertainment

The professionals of Sony Music they dealt with the development of the selection processes carried out within the company when recruiting the best talent. They also commented on the profiles that fit into each type of offer and process.

The speaker was Virtu Judge Martínez, coordinator of General Services and HR, together with a representative of the Tomavistas Festival, Willy G. Blesa.

Sony Music Entertainment is one of the most relevant music companies internationally. Manage the portfolio of highly diverse and outstanding artists, providing them with the support they need to maximize their talent. 


The speaker María de Prada, head of the Injuve Creation Area, informed the participants about the aid offered by this institution for young creation and artistic development.

injuve is a public body, attached to the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, whose main activity is aimed at promoting actions for the benefit of youth.


In this talk, the different types of artistic and technical profiles needed at RTVE, the operation of the recruitment process, as well as the specific work carried out by the professionals who are part of the entity's Art and Design Area, were explored.

The speakers were Enrique Cotillas Moya, Deputy Director of Art and Design, Jaime Agulló Yagüe, Head of Graphics, and Cristina Pacho, Head of Talent. 

RTVE is the large Spanish public media company at state level. It is made up of TVE, with seven television channels; RNE, with six radio stations; the website, the RTVE Institute and the Orchestra and Choir. 


In this encounter, Álvaro Caboalles, manager of Macomad, reported on the options that exist to program scenic creations in alternative venues in Madrid.

macomad It arises from the consolidation of artistic projects of theater and dance companies and schools that opened spaces to house their activities, where there are rooms such as Nave 73, Teatro Pradillo or Cuarta Pared.

John Thomas Tello

In this talk, the participants were able to learn about the figure of the music supervisor, an expert in charge of selecting and licensing the music we hear in movies, TV series, advertising, and video games.

The speaker was John Thomas Tello, musical supervisor for series on the national scene such as Vis a Vis, El Barco, Paco's men, Aida, I'm alive, Byb o Kamikaze. Likewise, he has developed works for highly successful films such as Three meters above the sky, Brain Drain I y II: I desire you, among other. Currently, he combines teaching with his work as a music supervisor at The Embarcadero, By H or By B, Nasdrovia, Red Sky o The House of Paper.

Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors

In this talk, the different employability options in the area of ​​visual arts were discussed. Subsequently, a colloquium and exchange of ideas was held between the industry professionals and the attending artists. Likewise, the work of the last winner of the 55th Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture, Manuel Díaz Meré, member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

In addition to showing her portrait, Lucía composing, Manuel Díaz Meré was one of the speakers at this meeting, together with José Gabriel Astudillo López, president of the Association.

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors is a leading entity in the world of Spanish art created by and for artists. Its objective is to organize shows, competitions and exhibitions, develop all kinds of cultural activities and contribute to the promotion of plastic arts. 

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