Blog "Fragile. Broken soul". Artist Residency TAI in summer 2023

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Blog "Fragile. Broken soul". Artist Residency TAI in summer 2023

"Fragile. Broken soul". Artist Residency TAI in summer 2023

July 21, 2023
Fragile. Broken soul

The Artistic Residency Program of the University School TAI presents Fragile. Broken soul Patricia García and Camila Puelma

The School TAI With the Artist Residency Program, it reaffirms itself as an institution that offers artists a link platform with the professional and artistic field, while demonstrating its support for the production and creative process of contemporary artists.

On this occasion , the program welcomes Patricia García, Camila Puelma with her multidisciplinary performing arts company, Cía.AQUÍ, with which they will be developing their work Fragile. Broken soul.

About us Fragile. Broken soul

I am fragile, you are fragile, we are all fragile. Because we are all vulnerable, we all have a soft part under the shell that we show the world. We grow up learning to be strong, we grow up knowing that we cannot show ourselves weak, we must always wear the mask with the perfect smile, because who wants to be with sad people?

We feel uncomfortable in the face of weakness, we expect strength in others, we expect joy even without striving to achieve it.

What would happen if we took off the mask? What would happen if we showed the world our wounds?

Fragile is born from a broken soul that has something to say.

Do you dare to listen?


  • Patricia García: director
  • Camila Puelma: director
  • Bruno Stachiotti: musical director, drums and percussion
  • Javier Pla Menés: bassist and pianist
  • Cristina Alcívar: guitarist and backing vocalist

About Cia. HERE

Company multidisciplinary lover of dance, circus and musical theatre:

HERE is born from an encounter, from that something that one intuits from the beginning. Patricia and Camila met in 2019 while studying for a master's degree in musical theater. Both have something in common, and that is that they come from the world of acrobatics and dance. Complicity of the bodies, they have never needed words to express what the movement clarifies. In 2021 they decide to form HERE, a strong, brave and independent company. HERE focuses on current issues, on sensitive issues, and involves not only dance and acrobatics in its productions, but also other artistic disciplines. HERE it starts.

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