Blog Director Gaspar Noé visits TAI to exclusively teach an immersive workshop with the students

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Blog Director Gaspar Noé visits TAI to exclusively teach an immersive workshop with the students

Director Gaspar Noé visits TAI to exclusively teach an immersive workshop with the students

October 19, 2023

We have done it once again. In TAI We continue to bring the best international art references. This time, thanks to the collaboration agreement with the San Sebastián International Film Festival, it is the turn of the master of the extreme, Gaspar Noé.

The renowned Argentine screenwriter and film director visits the University School of Arts TAI exclusively to teach the workshop entitled "Against the complacent: art without restrictions", a workshop in which he shared with students the keys to facing creative and artistic treatments of controversial issues for the public and society.

The workshop, led by the conceptual artist and teacher TAI Karlos Gil as narrator and presented by the director of Donostia Zinemaldia, José Luis Rebordinos, has been a truly immersive experience that has challenged the conventional norms of film teaching and has uncovered the deepest secrets of the director's creative process.

Gaspar Noé's work makes him one of the most influential and transgressive film directors in contemporary cinema in recent decades. His provocative style with iconic films such as "Irreversible", "Clímax" or "Enter the void" has earned him countless awards and recognitions at the best international film festivals, leaving a personal mark that will last forever. 

Noé, who trained in a technical school, recognizes that “cinema is an art that involves technique.” “If you learn the technique, then you can express yourself, it is like learning a new language, your thinking does not change, it is the language that is different. Operating a camera or an editing room are technical aspects that are learned quickly, I believe that the technique for filming or editing today is much more accessible, it is easier to make independent films today than it was 20 or 30 years ago," he expressed. .

Gaspar Noé's visit to TAI It has not simply been a talk about his career, but an immersion in his creative process.

The workshop is presented as a filmed staging in which the attending students become actors in a cinematographic game typical of their filmography., sitting at a table next to him and asking him any type of doubt or curiosity that may be on their minds: an improvised performance that ends up becoming a captivating dialogue between the teacher and the student. An approach that has allowed participants to explore Noé's creative mind in a genuine way during the two-hour workshop, with a set design that references the director's films. "Creativity is trying to do something new," said Noé, who also stressed that "you have to try to do something that you have not seen before."

Life is like a long sequence shot with some blinks (Gaspar Noé).

Noé has acknowledged that what served him the most as a teenager was “having cinematic idols and having films that are like lighthouses in your life.” “Without films like “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Saló or the 120 Days of Sodom”, “Eraserhead” and “An Andalusian Dog” perhaps I wouldn't be making the films I make today.”

Gaspar Noé has shared his experiences, creative approaches, personal and professional career, encouraging students to question cinematographic conventions and embrace artistic freedom. A unique experience for students, who remember once again the importance of keeping creativity alive without restrictions in the world of the arts.

The University School of Arts TAI It continues to be a reference space in which diversity and creative freedom exists without censorship or restrictions.

Credits: Photography by Panos Chatziiosif.

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